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SONG OF THE DAY: Zola Jesus — “In Your Nature (David Lynch Remix)”

Protean genius David Lynch can’t help but be better than everybody at everything. The dark lord of all things strange and sublime, his appreciation for the uncanny power of subtle surreality infuses all of his work, imbuing it–and, by extension, the scenes of middle American banality typically depicted therein–with a kind of ill-begotten, paranoid profundity. While Lynch’s remix of Zola Jesus’ “In Your Nature” surely doesn’t ascend to the magical heights of, say, Blue Velvet, it nevertheless bears traces of his enigmatic aesthetic. Shimmering guitars, plodding drums, and an ominous grinding sound lend a certain hypnotic momentum to Nika Danilova’s powerful vocal performance that the original utterly lacks. This is one of those rare instances when the remix wins.

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