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SONG OF THE DAY: Cloud Skatin’ (feat. Danny Brown) – Main Attrakionz

Cloud Skatin (feat. Danny Brown)

Main Attrakionz are a duo who’ve been the forerunners in the emerging ambient rap scene, mostly stemming from the bay area, but being accelerated by artists like Clams Casino and A$AP Rocky. Taking strong influence from artists like Lil’ B, Main Attrakionz embrace a consciously lo-fi aesthetic and achieve a hazy, atmospheric blur that is both highly original and sublime in its effectiveness. In a genre so defined by poignant details and clear assertion, the two rapper/producers (Squadda B & Mondre Man) often reverb their vocals to indistinguishable extremes, allowing them to blend into the beat and embellish a textured wall of sound. Lo-Fi aesthetics are nothing new; in fact they’ve been the clear entry point for the definitive indie-rap artists of our day (i.e. Odd Future), but the Main Attrakionz show a surprising amount of focus and visceral control with a very defined sonic mode. This track is off their Miskha sponsored mixtape “808s & Dark Grapes II.” Download it.

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