Dave Matthews Lyric Composition

Words are taken from all Dave Matthews Band’s songs to create a single original composition.


Feel the light of love inside of you. In your eyes, it glows. Realize what you are. Sweet you rock and sweet you roll. You can’t always change the way things are, and, if nothing can be done, we’ll make the best of what’s around. All we are is wasting hours. Until the sun comes up, it’s all ours. The space between the tears we cry is the laughter that keeps us coming back for more. Just keep on with the sweet up and down. Come in from the cold for awhile, everything will be alright. Life’s too short to mind. You got love. Don’t turn it down. Turn it loud. Let it build. If you are tired, I’ll beat your burden. If you are dreaming I will not disturb you. I’ll clear the way for you. Float upon the notion we can work it out. Just love will put the hope back in our minds. It all comes down to nothing. Take what you can from your dreams. Make them as real as anything. Don’t burn the day away. You will rest your head, your strength once saving. How could we know that our lives would be so full of beautifully broken things. Caught in time, my head leaves me behind. Body fall cold and I see heaven. Spring sweet rhythm dance. As I shuffle through this broken town, think of you and you are all around me. A million reasons life to deny, let’s toss them away. Darling it’s all the same till’ we dance away. What I need is all around me. Forgive me in my haste. Breathe deep, take it all. Don’t you rob yourself of what you’re feeling, of all that you could be. Crazy as I may make my way through this world, it’s for no one but me to say which direction I shall turn. We make our passions pictures and we dance away. The sun is well asleep. Moon is high above. Fire grows from the east. I love the way you move. I love the way you talk. I love the way you move. We were walking just the other day. Wasting time let the hours roll by. Doing nothing, for the fun little taste of the good life. Whether right or wrong, makes us want to stay stay stay for awhile. For a moment this good time would never end. Oh little lonely eyes open and radiant. Celebrate we will, cause life is short but sweet for certain. Wait until I come and I won’t go. When we come I’ll let you come low. Why this lonely love. Oh it’s a shame to lose your way running wild. I just keep moving on. Why do I feel as if I’m in too deep? I’ve been praying for some way to show them I am not what they see. As heavy as stone and as blue as I go I was just wondering if you’d come along. If not I’ll go. I will go alone. But then came the day I climbed out of these safe limbs, ventured away. I will run and I’ll be okay. Let’s go drive till morning comes, watch the sunrise to fill our souls up. Lying under this spell you cast on me each moment. To each other we’ll be facing by love we’ll beat back the pain we’ve found. Long before these crowded streets. Funny when you’re small, the moon follows the car. I mean you look different but you haven’t changed. Now progress takes away what forever took to find. Now he’s falling hard. He feels the falling dark Conquered fear to climb. Once you get your gate, you will walk in tall. Crazy how you make it all alright love. No matter what the world. Dry your eyes. Let the love in there. The air is growing thick I swear like an angel you came down to fill me up. She gave it all she had but treasures slowly fade. You make a mess of me. I’ll dance a thousand steps for you. I’ll be whatever gets you through. She drinks to fill it up. There is no place to hide. Take me back. We move our lives for another day. Like skipping a beat, what if a great wave should wash us all away. Just thinking out loud. Well maybe it’s a game. You win some and you lose some. It’s alive right now deep and sweet within. Pouring through our veins intoxicate moving wine to tears drinking it deep. This love will open our world. Shake up your bones, shake up your feet. I’m saying open up, and let the rain keep pouring in. Wash out this tired notion. There are bad times. But that’s okay, just look for love in it. Everything must end sometime. Don’t burn the day away. And the answers were gone. Maybe I’m crazy, but laughing out loud makes the pain pass by. But as I walk there are voices behind me saying sinners sin come now and play. For such a lovely crime I’ll do the time. We will rise there as the buildings crumble. Love will be our wings. The passion rises up from the ashes when the world ends. Like a river bends, we’re going to float through the criss-cross of the mountains. Floating through the empty. And hope to keep us safe from the pain. We turn, so sure someone’s looking down. My empty pages are filling up with these wicked lies. Hard to find the words when you got so far to fall. But I hear deep in myself an echo. Into your heart I’ll beat again. I don’t want to wake up. Rain on me and then give me air. I won’t waste a minute here tonight. Love, you drive me to distraction. This time is so alive. Everybody’s tranced, dancing tonight. Then tell me what in the world I would sing for if I had it all. Then I could figure the whole damn puzzle out. Live safe, say why. The seasons sparing, we’re all drifting away. I’ll be whatever gets you through. I bent down to collect them and then she was gone. It seemed so unnerving, still somehow deserving. Why forests march to desert speed, a precious balance in between. All this talk about endless words, nothing’s done. A place so full of color yet overflowing. Come on, we’re taking the water. But while you’re dancing on the ground, don’t think of when you’re gone. Love, love, what more is there. We need the light of love in here. We got the freedom. It’s up to us to keep afloat. Pay no mind to taunts or advances. I take my chances on everyday. Oh look at how she listens. She just goes stumbling through her memories, staring out on to Grey Street. I dream myself a thousand times around the world. Take what you can from your dreams. Make them as real as anything. Come and relax now. No need to bear the weight of your worries. You let them all fall away. And the sound waves crash down. Breathing just to breathe, we might find some reason. So much space to believe. One hand is bleeding and the other holds a gun. While everything is open, everything is shut down. As I stand here, the ground beneath is nothing more than one point of view. The man stood there alone thinking… The man stood there twisting. Neon shines through smokey eyes tonight. Oh sweetest smile in a confident, come along. Tonight, we’re dancing in the faint light.. Digging a ditch where silence lives. Where all these worries weigh down on me will rise. Lift me up love. Fall away. Face down in the grass in the park in the middle of hot afternoon. Tried to look busy ’till the light turned green. Bring that beat back to me again. Days when all we did would never end. I woke up to the Angels. Mesmerized by your smile the way it lights up under your eyes. Smell like smoke and fire it’s burning in us all. But I’ve been walking for a thousand miles. Oh great light of love. I see you in life. It’s just a game I play. Cause you might die trying. Don’t know why I like to carry on the way I do. The believers stand behind him and smile as the day lights up with fire. Out on my window ledge. Hello again, it’s been too long. Everybody wake up if you’re living with your eyes closed. Troubles they may come and go, but good times they are gold. Just steady as we go. I’ll search the whole world through, and then you make it out a taste so sweet. Love is alive inside you. Let me like the real thing. Sing for your dinner. Carry on just a little bit longer. If you feel Angels in your hand, tear drops of joy runs down your face, you will rise. I think the sun’s a little brighter today. Make me lose my mind. Why be afraid of what we do not understand? Lying in the park on a beautiful day, sunshine in the grass and the children play. On the front step and a car goes by with the windows rolled down. Funny the way it is, not right or wrong. Somebody’s broken heart becomes your favorite song. On a soldier’s last breath, his baby’s being born. Standing on a bridge, watch the water pass underneath. With mountains and oceans and winters and rivers and stars. We will overcome this. We got a long way to go. But you, ya got to start somewhere. I only got a minute or two to spare and I got a whole damn life to fit in there. Oh, hold tight. Go down to the shore, kick off your shoes, dive in the empty ocean. Oh yeah, some days it’s so easy. Don’t always like the skin I’m in, but when I get it wrong, got to start again. Second day, the sun is high. You cannot quit me so quickly. Grace is all I’m asking. Your flesh, your bones, exactly what you need. Save your sermons for someone that’s afraid to love. Red is the color of the sun with my eyes closed. Not falling but rising like rolling around. If these walls came crumbling down, fell so hard to make us lose our faith. From what’s left, you’d figure it out, still make lemonade taste like a sunny day. Eyes closed above the rooftops. All the sky for you. We gonna ride the blue all the way to the end of the world. Stars shine down from the black. Take what you need and we disappear. Without a trace, we’ll be gone. Well how could we know that are lives would be so full of beautifully broken things. The days are warm and the well is full of virtue because she likes the way it makes her feel, happiness so pure as this is surely worth the making. If you live life then you become what you are, with fire to keep us warm and tools we made from rocks and bones. We, in this image of fear and love, looked down upon from above. Can’t give up and hope God will intercede. Look and listen. Come on back, imagine that we could get it together. From good day into moonlight, now a night so fine. She stares up at the stars. Sitting still as a stone, watching. Why a world so full of mystery, a place so bitter and still so sweet. Naked you will see that we are all the same

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