Song of the Day: Milo – Zen Scientist (feat. Myka 9)

Last year was a ridiculously strong year for hip-hop, and I’d say Milo’s sophomore album So the Flies Don’t Come was one of the best. This track, like all on the record, are produced by Kenny Segal. His production is atmospheric, mellow, and off-kilter, which perfectly complements Milo’s style. Milo doesn’t rap with urgency, but he has a lot to say. His word play is intricate, witty, and cryptic.  Milo is able to make every line poignant and poetic, and his sarcastic, self deprecating humor shines through every once in a while. Myka 9 is featured on the hook, and the dude can sing. He gives a great performance, and his voice works perfectly with the production. All in all this track is fantastic. Give it a spin.

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