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SoCC Writers’ Albums of the Summer

I didn't want to write a corny summer-to-fall season change introduction, but I fear it's the only way to encapsulate the essence of summer and how these albums relate to the season, so here we go: As the leaves change colors and start falling off the trees, reminding us of the cold winter to come, the SoCC writers have compiled their favorite albums of the summer. Whether these albums came out during the summer of '23 or the ancient era of the 1950s, something about these albums reminds us of the warm (scalding [due to climate change]) summer weather. Hopefully, these albums will remind you of summer and prepare you for the winter to come. ~ Oliviero Zanalda This image, and most images in this article, are courtesy of Rate…
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Deepdives: The Psychedelic 90s Sound of Triphop, and an Album Breakdown of Good Looking Blues by Laika

by Liv Normandeau (they/them) My recent deepdive into the world of triphop was sparked by summer boredom and my love of 90s animation and music. More specifically: the incredible soundtrack of MTV's animated show Downtown. The tracks were heavily triphop centric, and the score created by Kimson Albert was full of industrial breakbeats and synth that perfectly matched the grime of the show1. Until this point, I've always been fairly turned off by triphop, seeing it as one of the worst outcomes of the 90s music trends—I don't tend to like electronic music, and I greatly preferred every other genre it borrows from. (And some songs sound creepily like sonic realizations of the visuals of the early Windows operating system and my hazy memories of the public library trips I…
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SOCC Writers’ Favorite Fall Albums

Our first collaborative post of the school year brings new names and faces to the blog! With autumn in Colorado Springs coming to an end, SOCC writers reflect on their favorite fall albums- old and new- as we gather in the amphitheater under snowy Pikes Peak. Sam Briley This fall I have been listening to Dots and Loops by Stereolab. I really enjoy is relaxing instrumentals and the friendly voices throughout the album. Its a very light album that I love listening to while I drive and appreciate the changing weather! Charlie Marks One of my favorite albums ever, and what you can hear me blasting in the shower is, Steven Miller Bands Greatest hits 1974-78. This album is put together so incredibly well that every song flows in and…
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