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It could be beautiful that WU LYF broke up because they didn’t want to become famous and sell out. It could be badass that they released a final song called ‘T R I U M P H’ on youtube with a note announcing the split. It could be rock n roll in its purest form. Instead, it’s just bullshit that WU LYF came to nothing after releasing maybe the best alternative rock album since The Moon and Antartica. ‘Dirt’ stands out like a mad yell from the depths of some forgotten night with a friend that faded into drugs; an exhilarating make-tonight-last-forever anthem that couldn’t quite overcome the reality of tomorrow.

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SOCC Live: Jack Lite

“I worked at a pizza joint, a hotel, sold beach chairs for a while, landscaped, worked at a couple restaurants, a Denny’s. There is always downtime, and I recorded some melodies I liked on a pocket recorder while washing dishes. With the money from the jobs I craigslisted a guitar, drums, bass, and a synth. COLD CUTS was born straight out of my experiences with life, friends, women, and selling beach chairs.”


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Concert Preview: Part Time & Touchit – Gaylord Hall


Lots of plastic bins, overflowing trashcan, eager freshman and opening convocation all mark the beginning of the new school year. While most people are forced to transition from summer break to a heap load of academic work, many students such as Quinn Webb, current events manager of Sounds of Colorado College (SOCC), have been working to make sure this transition and the bustle of first week is also complete with a music event and of course, free food.

This Friday August 28th from 9:00pm-12:00am in Gaylord Hall, Bay area band Part Time and student band Touchit will be providing the musical entertainment for the night. Featured on music blog Stereogum’s artist to watch, Part Time is a must see for anyone into synth pop, nu wave, rock or just having a good time. If you are a bit unfamiliar with the band, I suggest listening to their songs “Seashells” and “Night Drive.” Of course, a musical performance at the college would not be complete without a student band opener, which would provide a very special opportunity for new students to have their first Colorado college student band experience and a special opportunity for us returning folks to remember just how talented some of our friends are on campus.

After all the fun and entertainment, the night will be complete with midnight breakfast to feed hungry bellies after hours of dancing. What truly makes this event special other than the fact that this will be a great first weekend event to bring the community together but also that the SOCC staff has been working extremely hard over the summer to ensure that more musical performances will be happening throughout the school year with the hopes of something new and exciting happening blockly.

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But Who is Randy?

Nic Titus – Keyboard, moral support
Emily Naranjo – Rhythm Guitar
Eliza Densmore – vocals
Kyle Lutz – Bass, chief negotiator of internal affairs
Austin Langsdorf – Guitar and Vocals, Keeps the reptiles blood warming up to survive

It’s 6:30pm and I’m sitting in the main room of some house on Monument, as Randy and the Reptiles get set up to play. I have never been to a band practice, but the imagine of teenagers banging on instruments in someone’s garage while the neighbors cringe in fear always comes to mind. However, Randy and the Reptiles were a bit better than that. In this room clad with blue walls and stained with the smell of cigarettes, great music was created.

“I think it’s the full moon, I’m feeling crazy” says Austin. Maybe it was the full moon or maybe we can blame everything on the weird telekinetic vibes that were occurring between members in that room because the music was electrifying. There was not a moment when my foot was not dancing and tapping to the tunes. This is the music that people want to hear: good music from good people. If you ask them how to describe their sound they may use terms such as “mediocre,” “demonic,” or ” or even “cold-blooded.” However if you ask me, I’ll be a bit boring and say funky, soulful and electric. In many ways the sound was warm and vibrant, but this would be interrupted with a nice strong attention catching attack. An attack that had the potential to send your body into chills after being caught by surprise.

Oh and how could I forget about the vocals? Eliza Densmore, although small, packs a big punch and has the power to knock you off your feet. Combine that with Austin’s bluesy voice and Kyle’s vocal pizazz and you get the creation of something like hard cider, sweet and delicious yet powerful.

So, how did these wonderful people all come together? Apparently Austin asked Kyle, who was playing his guitar in Rastall, if he wanted to play in a band. Then on a separate occasion Nic drunkenly explained to Austin that he really wanted to be in a band and it turned out that they were looking for someone to play the keyboard. Depending on whom you ask, the big group came together out of love and mutual passion and it’s a good thing they did because they are definitely going to bring more to the music scene at CC.

What’s next for the group? Kyle screams out “World Tour” and Nico replies “The International Expo.” Apparently they are both wrong and Acacia Park is really what’s next. Are they actually serious about this, I’m not really sure but I guess we will find out soon. More realistically, they are planning to write more originals this semester and practice some new covers. Lastly, Austin explains that they are planning to “create a safe space for people to get groovy without fear of judgment, competition, repercussions. We would really like to be just a fun band that everyone can get down to. We aren’t trying to do it for being cool or winning or being the best band. We just want to get down.”

Honestly, I’m excited to see more of Randy and the Reptiles playing this year. If they are anything like what I saw in their band practice then we all should be excited. As for who Randy is? That’s something I’m still trying to figure out. Kyle explains, “We had just climbed Mt. Everest and Eliza was half dead on account of oxygen.” Nico adds, “A lizard scurried by and we thought wait. Reptiles.” Somewhere along the way Emily realized “that’s the only life up here.” There you have it. Randy was born. I do not know how legit this story is and you do not have to buy it, but you can buy their music because that was something honest and pure.

Photo Credits: Hannah Fleming

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Video Interview: Touchit

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SONG OF THE DAY: Fit$gerald

Before coming to CC, I heard so much about the outdoorsy culture, liberal mindsets, ski-lovers, and hippie lifestyles, but the music scene was not mentioned at all.

As a result, I was always curious about the music scene at Colorado College and how it thrived. Fortunately, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Not only does SOCC play a major role but there is a wonderful music department, music ensembles, numerous student bands (Battle of the Bands was amazing by the way!), Open Mic Night, Llamapalooza, and other groups of students who are contributing to music and creating a community.

Good for news for me, my curiosity has allowed to me to find amazing people who have the same passion as me, inspiring me to continue to create music whenever I can.

Because of this I thought it’d be a wonderful idea to share the song Fit$Gerald by CC Students Romell, Sherman, Clay, Mamoun, and Alejandro.





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SONG OF THE DAY: Mapei – “Don’t Wait”

This is always the go to song when I need something to lift my spirits and make me move. Mapei’s strong and genuine vocals complete with the bass of the instrumental force me to sing a long and dance every time I hear this song. It has the perfect mix of dance, rnb, and soul elements representing Mapei’s musical versatility.

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CAMPUS CONCERT: You, Me, and Apollo; ft. Maxwell Hughes


Shove Chapel

Thursday March 27

Doors open at 8:00pm

Come one, Come all. No Tickets required, just bring yourself your friends and your friend’s friends. Here is a little teaser for your enjoyment.

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SONG OF THE DAY: FKA Twigs — “Papi Pacify”

FKA Twigs creates weird, hypnotizing beautiful music—give this song a try.

Music Song of the Week(end)

SONG OF THE DAY: Tabloid — “Voyeur”; Review by Tom Silver

Doing a quick Google search on the music of Tabloid is a futile effort to say the least. Nothing can be found on this artist (these artists? Seriously, I have no idea who or what made this song). Aside from their tumblr, which more resembles brainwashing methods the Kardashians would have used in A Clockwork Orange, nothing is really known about the artist. The singular song speaks for itself.

“Voyeur” is a dark, but catchy number with anxiety filled lyrics and panicked rhythms. It has the beat of a Party Supplies song, but the vocals of something that Autre Ne Veut would be into. I have 80’s themed nightmares after listening to this song, but the weird thing is that I wake up wanting to have them again. Bravo Tabloid, whoever you are.

Keep a lookout for future content released by this interesting group/artist, but in the meantime get sucked into “Voyeur” and enjoy.

-Tom Silver