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Sidney Gish Concert Review
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Sidney Gish Concert Review

Sallie England Sidney Gish walked onto the stage confidently, but as the lights shot on a shaky hand revealed some gentle nerves. I felt nervous with her. It’s daunting sharing your diary content in front of a crowd. But her incredible guitar techniques and personal touches transcended any doubts a person could have had and left me with the feeling that I had just made friends with one of the most talented artists of our generation. Photo courtesy of Lisa Dibbern Sidney Gish began her set with a cover of STRFKR’s “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second”. Simple in its lyrics and guitar riffs this song choice set the stage for a playful hug of a set. She started her originals with “Where the Sidewalk Ends”. I loved this choice. This song reminds me of the deep love I have for my clos...
When House Shows Go Right: The Keeps
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When House Shows Go Right: The Keeps

Written By: Caleb Hering All photos by Ethan Rothschild What might possess? So far as to be enraptured, possibly even obsessed? There may be many answers. Few we will know and far more that will never light our minds. But it will always remain a question we grapple with as we meet our first love, a favorite food, or decide only a few moments into the first song of a band you did not expect much of—albeit from ignorance—that you must write about them—interview, even, if possible. And so, I did, on a cardboard box with some random pen: impromptu possessed. Of late, many house shows have been detrimentally fun. Waking the same morning you had gone to sleep, a few hours earlier shooting-the-shit with Brandon—a wiry, long-haired baller who works the register at the beloved E Cache 7-E...
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Conclude Their North American Tour at Red Rocks
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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Conclude Their North American Tour at Red Rocks

November at Red Rocks Amphitheater is sometimes a gamble with the changing seasons, but I had no hesitation when given the opportunity to attend another 3 hour marathon concert from King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s North American Tour. When I went to their first Red Rocks show in early October many of the fans held these tickets since their 2020 tour that was canceled due to COVID. The November date was a surprise, as the final show was tacked onto their tour promising the same feel-good giz energy as the first marathon show at Red Rocks. My friend flew into Denver with some film cameras after hearing the news and we eagerly waited in the longest line I have seen at Red Rocks- undisturbed by the cold in my gizzard-themed crocodile onesie. Note: I was encountered by multiple “...
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Black Midi Commit (sonic) Arson in Denver

My head is a flaming 1998 computer with fans whirring and every time I hear a noise I want to catch those jagged soundwaves and catapult them away to Andromeda. I just got back from the doctor, and I did get a concussion after colliding heads with somebody at the Black Midi concert. This is not me looking for sympathy, but my concussion - as well as the destruction of my friend’s seemingly indestructible Doc Martens - just goes to show what a septic tank the pit at the Black Midi show was.  Black Midi is a chaotic band of many pretentious dashed genres: brutal-prog, jazz-rock, post-punk. My dad would probably call them ‘weird for the sake of being weird,’ and I would’ve agreed a year ago. Over time their arsonist approach to music warmed up to me with its redeeming qualities in ma...
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CONCERT REVIEW: The Front Bottoms at Mission Ballroom 10/11/21

By Henry Hodde The Front Bottoms’ performance at Mission Ballroom last Monday was a reminder that punk rock and roll is not dead. The genre is alive and well alright. It may not look the same as the days in which The Clash and The Ramones reigned supreme, nor does it sound like Metallica, or even Green Day. Nevertheless, fans of noise first and foremost ought not despair.  The Front Bottoms at Mission Ballroom The Front Bottoms are not a new band. Guitarist Brain Sella and childhood buddy Mathew Uychich began to write music together in 2007, adding Uychich’s brother Brian to complete the original lineup. Sella and Mathew Uychich still form the heart of the New Jersey band, but on Thursday, the founding duo were complemented by Erik Kase Romero and Natalie Newbold. The next ...
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Greensky Bluegrass with Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real

by Max Brown It’s August 7th of this year, and I’m standing in a crowd with some of my closest friends, unconsciously swaying while the sounds of dobro, banjo, and mandolin wash over me. I close my eyes, but behind my eyelids I can still make out the soft blue lights from the stage. I’m at Salmonfest, a music festival in my home state of Alaska, and Greensky Bluegrass is rocking my world for the first time. Cut to September 17th, just over a month after my first exposure to the group, and I’m on my way to see the band again, but this time for my very first concert at Red Rocks Ampitheatre and with four brand new friends. I’d never been to Red Rocks before that night. I’d seen photos, heard stories, even listened to and watched recordings of live shows there. But I knew none of that ...
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Devendra Banhart Plays at Boulder Theater

Clad in the sleekest of all black getups down to the polished Prada oxfords, cleanly-pressed Devendra Banhart sashayed on stage and silently announced to that he indeed was a fancy man. The stage was set with a giant tapestry that displayed Devendra’s hand painted ginormous flowers that mirrored the floral design on the cover of Ma, his newest album. Ma is multilingual and multicolored, splattered with primary colors and songs that salute Carole King and John Lennon. He released three singles as a prelude to the complete album, each one wildly fun and widely different- “Kantori Ongaku." “Abre Las Manos," and “Taking a Page." With each coveted single release though, my understanding of Devendra’s vision grew- this wasn’t about a cohesive musical aesthetic but rather, a cohesive conce...
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Interview with Chastity Belt’s Julia Shapiro

By Emily Faulks I reached out to Julia Shapiro, indie rock singer and songwriter, as she prepares for Chastity Belt’s American Tour for their self titled album released in September. Shapiro is most known for her solo album she recently released as well as her lead vocals and guitar for all-girl garage bands Chastity Belt, Childbirth, and Who is She? After Chastity Belt cancelled their tour last April due to “health concerns,” Shapiro ventured into introspective songwriting and mixing that resulted in her first solo album titled Perfect Version that captures Shapiro’s discontent with personal imaging and searching for self growth through musings of change and stagnation simultaneously. She then continued working with Chastity Belt and the band later released their self titled album on ...
Superstar boyband Brockhampton brings rising stars 100 gecs and slowthai to Denver
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Superstar boyband Brockhampton brings rising stars 100 gecs and slowthai to Denver

By Auguste Voss DENVER—On a Monday night, the line to get into the brand-spankin’ new Mission Ballroom spanned the length of the 60,000 square-foot building, doubled back on itself twice, and wrapped around the front corner. Fans planning for a sweaty moshpit stood in shorts and t-shirts in crisp 30-degree air, huddling together for warmth. Once the doors opened, however, it was a matter of minutes before the whole line was inside and de-frosting. Situated in Denver’s River North art district, the Mission Ballroom opened just months ago in August with a 4,000 person capacity and a concert calendar stacked with major national acts.  The venue already operates like a well-oiled machine—several entrances allow for speedy security checks, and once inside the building, conscious effort...
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Bedroom-pop heartthrob ROLE MODEL brings “Far From Perfect” tour to Denver

By Auguste Voss DENVER —Just blocks from Coors Field in downtown Denver, the Marquis Theater is a low-key hotspot for local gigs and up-and-coming national acts. Tucker Pillsbury, aka ROLE MODEL, stopped by in November on his inaugural “Far From Perfect” tour. The night began with Denver grunge-pop outfit Oxeye Daisy. Flamboyant, brightly-colored animal print attire added to an already energetic stage presence. While many garage-rock groups might find their sound muddled at a smaller venue like the Marquis, Oxeye Daisy’s music felt crisp and refreshing in a wonderful, grungy sort of way. Nineteen-year-old songwriter Mills. was next, gracing the stage with a solo set. His voice, smooth as butter, sounded like a bouncier Lewis Capaldi. A wide-brimmed hat was the cherry-on-top of...