Ray Petros '72Dear Fellow Alumni,

The Alumni Leadership Forum was held on campus in April. This annual gathering of alumni from across the country included Alumni Association Board (AAB) members, City Champion coordinators, and other alumni volunteers. President Dick Celeste and senior staff engaged in lengthy discussions with us on the resilience of the college in this tough economic climate.

Former and current alumni directors shared with us their many memories about the way CC graduates have pulled together for their alma mater in good times and in bad. They reminded us that many changes have occurred over the past 40 years at the college, usually prompting spirited debates and angst. The core values and traditions of our CC education have persevered nonetheless.

I wish to acknowledge the outstanding contributions and dedication to CC by Barb Keener ’67, Ann Smith ’73, and Velva Price ’83 who are retiring from the AAB after 12 years, as well as Ann O’Neil ’83, who is retiring after eight years.

Many new AAB members will begin their terms this year and already are actively engaged in alumni work in their regions. Chad Milton ’69 will be assuming the AAB presidency in June.

Upon ending my term as AAB president, I have a special plea to all of you. Please contribute to the supplemental financial aid fund established this year to bridge the deficit for students whose families’ economic circumstances may have changed abruptly over the past few months. We need to close ranks and support our CC family now more than ever.

Ray Petros ’72