HY200 Topics in History: Cutpurses and Courtesans: Criminal Identities in Britain during the Eighteenth Century

This course will explore crimes and criminal identities in Britain during the long eighteenth century, using primary sources, digital archives of court proceedings, and literary and visual texts.

Block 8, 2023
Instructors: Jennifer Golightly (ITS)

HY200 Topics in History: Space, Place, & Belonging at CC: Practicum in Digital and Public History

From campus design visions to the evolving physical space of student housing, students in this course will select an issue of space and place in the College’s history to research, analyze, and present.

Block 8, 2020
Instructors: Jane Murphy (History), Jennifer Golightly (ITS)

HY200: Digital History Collaborative

This hands-on research and analysis course will explore both the techniques and the intellectual and social stakes of Digital History.

Block 3, 2018
Instructors: Jane Murphy (History), Jennifer Golightly (ITS)

GS214: Workshop in the Digital Liberal Arts

This adjunct course is designed for students to work individually or in groups on a digital research project. Students will learn how digital technology can best be used in this scholarly endeavor.

Blocks 3-4, 2018
Instructors: Jane Murphy (History), Jennifer Golightly (ITS)