June 5 – July 18, 2015

Summer Hours
Tuesday – Friday 1 – 6 pm | Saturday 1 – 5 pm
Closed: Sunday and Monday | July 3 – 4 all day

Free and open to the public

CHROMATICA installed. Works by Tom Kreager (foreground) and Jeremy Hanson (background)

The human perception of color is based in visual processing. Visual processing takes place in the cerebral cortex – the portion of the brain where “higher-order” functions such as language and perception occur. The perception of color a predominantly predominantly a scientific concern historically addressed by scientists, artists, and theorists alike. Color is of interest to all parties because it is the basis of physical reality and experience. Color is utilized by the brain to differentiate form aiding in identifying individual objects or components.

Glass is an ideal medium to explore color relationships; it is host to rich pigments with varying opacity, and the material captures, reflects, and refracts light.

The glass artworks in Chromatica were selected for their relationships to both the philosophical and physical/formal concerns, with the intention to explore color relationships.


Featured artists include: Tom Kreager, George Dielman, Jeremy Hansen, and Evan Seeling 

Chromatica is made possibly by the Colorado College Cultural Attractions Fund.

Exhibition curated and designed by Briget Heidmous, Assistant Curator




Student Experience | Informing Form
Topics: Fiber Art, an Arts + Crafts Summer Session course offering

In a collaboration between the IDEA program Assistant Curator, Briget Heidmous,  and the Arts + Crafts program Director, Jeanne Steiner students spent multiple sessions observing form and color in IDEA.