Atomic Landscapes

"Minutes of Midnight" by Claudia X. Valdes

“Minutes to Midnight” by Claudia X. Valdes

Atomic Landscapes
March 21 — May 5, 2016

IDEA Space

The story of development and testing of nuclear weapons is inscribed on the land, and is particularly visible in test sites and mines in the West and Southwest, where miles of land have been re-shaped by cataclysmic human agency. Using key strategic nuclear sites in the West and Southwest as focal points, Atomic Landscapes examines the various ways in which we continue to uncover and understand our secret nuclear history and its continuing legacy.  Featured artists Jeremy Bolen, Nina Elder, Eric LoPresti, Patrick Nagatani, the National TLC Service, and Claudia X. Valdes raise questions about how we incorporate — or completely ignore – our nuclear history as represented by physical sites such as the White Sands Missile Range or the Nevada Test Site, into our personal, cultural, and political narratives. Curated by Jessica Hunter-Larsen, IDEA at Colorado College

Sponsored by: The Cultural Attractions Fund, The Hulbert Center for Southwest Studies, and The Environmental Program.

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