IntellectuALE Adventure

IntellectuALE Adventure:
Craft Brewing + Design
March 31 – April 12, 2016
Coburn Gallery

In recent years, craft brewing has proven to be a cultural powerhouse intent on bringing people together over innovative flavors and fine design. Craft beer labels walk a minute line between packaging and fine art. Each label strives to encompass the ethos of a brewery and individual beer through contemporary design and exquisite visuals.

The exhibition provides perspective on the community-based craft brewing culture. The visuals in IntellectuALE Adventure are curated products from breweries across the nation. The installation will include vessels, labels, merchandise and more in the context of stories from designers, cultural commentary, brewing science, and architecture.

Craft brewing began as a uniquely American grassroots movement, but has since become a worldwide phenomenon. Its popularity is indicative of a new generation of global consumers who value quality and creativity. There are now over 2,800 craft breweries throughout the United States; 10 percent of which can be found in Colorado.

Craft brewing is interdisciplinary in nature. The final product’s success is measured by the amount of care instilled by each discipline. The craft beer movement has stimulated innovative practices in multiple fields. Unified by the desire to create a memorable experience for the consumer, farmers, brewers, artists, designers, architects, and chefs have begun to collaborate in new and exciting ways. Craft breweries express culturally significant values by incorporating local and seasonal components in their beverages. They are pushing the normal conceptions of taste.

IntellectuALE Adventure seeks to explore the deep connections between art and taste. With intention to deepen the sense of place between the campus and larger Colorado Springs population over the shared appreciation of and passion for craft brewing.

The defining characteristics of craft brewing are in sync with the core values of Colorado College. Both are entrepreneurial, innovative, focused on place, and foster a vibrant tight-knit community. The goal of this programming is to connect passionate Colorado College students with an equally passionate Colorado Springs community.

Forbes listed Colorado College 3rd on their list America’s Most Entrepreneurial Colleges. The lecture series IntellectuALE Adventure: Designing Culture + Craft Beer is designed to promote that entrepreneurial spirit by featuring small design firms, architectural firms, and a student scientist.

Co-curated by Abigail Portman (’16), Kristi Murray (’16), and Briget Heidmous (Assistant Curator)

Sponsored by the Colorado College Cultural Attractions Fund. 


Competition | IntellectuALE Adventure I.P.A. Design Competition
Call for entry open to Colorado College current students and alumni.

Call: Design a label for this fictional beverage, IntellectuALE Adventure I.P.A, depicting the Colorado College experience, an “IntellectuALE” Adventure! Entries will be considered and displayed for voting purposes in Coburn Gallery for the duration of the exhibition.

Designs submitted by Abby Stein (left), Lila Pickus (right) and voting station.

Designs were submitted by Abby Stein (’14) and Lila Pickus (’13). Visitors to the exhibition voted. The design by Abby Stein won out, but we liked both!


Opening | IntellectuALE Adventure Craft Brewing Expo
Wednesday, March 30, 2016 at 5:30 PM
Gaylord Hall, 902 North Cascade Ave

The Craft Brewing Expo will feature craft beer, coffee, and craft sodas. Local brewers will provide samples of their products and discuss their brewing philosophies and marketing strategies. This will be a free, ticketed event with a suggested donation of $10 per ticket.


Talk |  Brew Science by Hank Zecca 
Wednesday, April 6, 2016 at 5:00pm
Coburn Gallery

Henry “Hank” Zecca (16) avid home brewer and student in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry will give a talk about the chemical interplay of the individual components of brewing–water, barley, hops, and yeast. You will also experience a beginners guide to home brewing, from grain to glass. All ages.


Panel Discussion | Flavor. Structure. Design.
Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 5:30 PM
Coburn Gallery, 902 North Cascade Ave

In this panel discussion representatives from CoPilot CreativeIron Bird Brewing Co., and Echo Architecture will talk design, flavor, and running small businesses. In 2014 these three companies joined forces to create the Iron Bird taproom in Downtown Colorado Springs. Tradition, culture, and flavor come together as graphic elements from Co-Pilot Creative mesh with the flavors of Iron Bird Brewing Company housed in the architectural stylings of Echo Architecture. Iron Bird will provide samplings of their beers. I.D. required to drink. All ages.