Senior Theses

George Fowlkes: Stratigraphy, Geochronology, and Paleontology of the Lower to Middle Paleozoic of Dinosaur National Monument: 2018.

Everett Smith: Experimental Investigations of Surface-Wave-Modified Turbidity Current Dynamics: 2018 [Honors Thesis]

Tristan White: Geochronology of Cambrian rocks of Thailand and Myanmar: 2018 [Honors Thesis]

Tianran Zhang: Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Geochronology of Mesoproterozoic Strata, Ningxia, China: 2018 [Honors Thesis]

Anne Hakim: Sedimentology, Biostratigraphy, Chemostratigraphy, and Sequence Stratigraphy of Middle Ordovician Strata, Inner Mongolia, China: 2015 [Honors Thesis]

Austin Miller: A Geochemical Investigation of Oxygenation in the Early Ediacaran Oceans at the Type Section of the Sheepbed Formation, Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories, Canada: 2015 [Honors Thesis]

Lauren Dangles: Triassic–Jurassic strata of the Colorado Springs region: 2014

Caleb Birchard: Chemostratigraphy of an Early Ordovician, basal Stairsian Stage, biomere extinction event: 2013 [Honors Thesis]

Devon Cole: Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, and Geochemistry of Latest Devonian strata: 2013 [Honors Thesis]

Zachary Snyder: Cambrian–Ordovician stratigraphy and paleogeography of the western margin of the North China Block: 2013 [Honors Thesis]

Anne Hanson: Sedimentological, Stratigraphic, and Chemostratigraphic Analysis of Upper Devonian Rocks in Western Colorado: 2012 [Honors Thesis]

Thomas Ashley: Temporal evolution of sand ripples in response to changes in oscillatory flow conditions: 2012 [Honors Thesis]

Julian Springer: Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Geochemistry in the Snowy Range Formation: 2011 [Honors Thesis]

Anna Phelps: Sedimentology, magnetic susceptibility, and chemostratigraphy of the Chaffee Group, Cement Creek, Colorado: 2010 [Honors Thesis]

Timothy Gibson: Sedimentology, depositional history and detrital zircon geochronology of the Lower Devonian Tsakhir Formation, Shine Jinst Region, Mongolia: 2010 [Honors Thesis]

Andrew Nelson: The progression of sedimentological facies and their control of biogeochemical cycling in the bioluminescent bays of Vieques, Puerto Rico: 2007 [Honors Thesis]

Karri Sicard: Sedimentology, biostratigraphy, and chemostratigraphy of latest Devonian deposits: Rhenish Slate Mountains of west-central Germany: 2007 [Honors Thesis]

Justin Strauss: Sedimentology, biostratigraphy, and chemostratigraphy of the Chaffee Group: 2006 [Honors Thesis]

Jessica Creveling, Chemostratigrahic record of the Late Devonian, and ALFIE, a new positive isotope excursion of the Late Fammenian: 2006 [Honors Thesis]

Rebecca Zentmyer: Origin and significance of travertine terraces from south-central Tibet: 2006 [Honors Thesis]

Claire Lukens: Wave-modified turbidites: Hyperpycnal flow deposits in the Minturn Formation, Central Colorado: 2004 [Honors Thesis]

Kiel Smith: Upper Cambrian and Lower Ordovician of West Texas and Southern New Mexico: Isotopic and Stratigraphic Correlations: 2004 [Honors Thesis]

Rafaello Sacerdoti: Sedimentological and isotopic analysis of the Bliss Formation and lower El Paso Group: southern Franklin Mountains, El Paso, Texas: 2003 [Honors Thesis]

Kathryn Snell: Depositional history of the Cambrian Karsha and Kurgiakh formations, northern India: 2002 [Honors Thesis]

Lauren Tice: Sedimentology and biostratigraphy of Cambrian–Ordovician deposits: northern Wyoming and southern Montana: 2002 [Honors Thesis]

Karl Thompson: Depositional history of the Middle Cambrian Kunzum La Formation, India Himalayas: 2001 [Honors Thesis]

Bonny Hawkins: Sedimentology, biostratigraphy, and chemostratigraphy of Cambrian–Ordovician deposits: northern Wyoming and southern Montana: 2001 [Honors Thesis]

Woody Fischer: Bioimmuration of Ordovician fossils of the Cincinnatian of Ohio: 2000 [Honors Thesis]

Bryn Clark: Stratigraphy and depositional history of Cambrian and Ordovician rocks of northeast Wyoming: 2000 [Honors Thesis]

Max Minnerop: Geochronologic analysis of Neoproterozoic rocks of eastern Newfoundland: 2000 [Honors Thesis]

David Kern: Characteristics of the Denver Basin aquifers, Stonegate Development, Denver, CO: 2000

Edith Day: Sedimentology, conodont biostratigraphy, and chemostratigraphy of Cambrian–Ordovician deposits, White River Plateau Area, Colorado: 1999 [Honors Thesis]

Ian Miller: Systematic collection, identification, correlation and leaf margin analysis of the Winthrop Formation Flora: implications for a far-traveled hypothesis for the Winthrop Formation: 1998 [Honors Thesis]

Kristian Benson: Floral diversity and paleoclimate of the latest Cretaceous and early Tertiary deposits, Denver Basin, Colorado: 1998 [Honors Thesis]

Tina Brachle: Stratigraphic analysis of Cambrian–Ordovician rocks from the Sawatch Range, Colorado: 1998 [Honors Thesis]

Jessie Quay: Chemostratigraphic study of Ordovician strata, Front Range of Colorado: 1998.

Ryan Bennet: Sedimentology, conodont biostratigraphy, and chemostratigraphy of Cambrian–Ordovician deposits, Main Elk Creek, Western Colorado: 1998 [Honors Thesis]

Kathleen Tehrany: Ancient Maya terracing in northwest Belize: 1998 [Honors Thesis]

Tobin Hieronymus: Paleoecological information from scavenging features on mammalian fossils from the Turtle Cove Member of the John Day Formation, Oregon: 1997 [Honors Thesis]

Jason Davis: Identification of siliceous macrofossils of the Manitou Formation: 1997 [Honors Thesis]

Penny Rieke: A sedimentological and stratigraphic study of ancient tidal sandwaves in the Peerless Formation, Manitou Springs, Colorado: 1996 [Honors Thesis]

David Rodland: Following C.D. Walcott: stratigraphy and paleontology of the Ordovician Harding Sandstone, Cañon City, Colorado: 1996 [Honors Thesis]

Jack Denman: Ichnology and Barium chemistry as indicators for paleo-oxygenation, marine productivity, and cyclic stratigraphy in an epeiric basin: 1996 [Honors Thesis]

Randy Czek: Anatomy of a Cambrian tidal sand wave deposit: 1995 [Honors Thesis]

Kristin Van Loon: : Sedimentology and stratigraphy of Cambro–Ordovician strata, north-central Colorado: 1993 [Honors Thesis]

Lisa Greer: Ecological aspects of modern patch reefs on San Salvador Island, Bahamas: 1993, [Honors Thesis]

Kathryn Riesenberg: Comparative study of biogenic structures from Modern and ancient eolian deposits, on San Salvador Island: 1993.

Jessica Jackson: Review and analysis of the Denver aquifer near Monument, Colorado: 1992.

Beth McMillan: Interpretation of paleoenvironments of the lower Paleozoic units of the Front Range, El Paso County, CO: 1991 [Honors Thesis]

Timothy Donohou: Sedimentology and petrography of Pleistocene marine and eolian deposits, San Salvador Island, Bahamas: 1991 [Honors Thesis]

Craig Hart: The stratigraphy and petrography of La Loma, Fortuna Basin, southeast Spain: 1990. [Honors Thesis]

Bradley Evans: Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Cap Barre through Saint Yvon section, Cloridorm Formation, Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada: 1990 [Honors Thesis]

Douglas Cattell: A petrographic study of the diagenesis of the Sue Point fossil reef, San Salvador Island, Bahamas: 1988.

Constance Hayden: Clay mineralogy and alteration in fluvial facies of the Lebo Member, Fort Union Formation (Paleocene), Custer County, southeastern Montana: 1988.

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