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SONG OF THE DAY: Low — “Try To Sleep”

Low haven’t a blemish on their lengthy discography, and 2011’s C’mon holds its own (to say the least) against the best of their past eight LP’s. The band is bringing their soft-core to CC’s Armstrong Theater on Sunday, September 25th, thanks to KRCC. Until then, listen to C’mon‘s leading track–it will wash you clean.

|the crisp, suspirant purge|

Low’s latest album–their ninth–was released by Sub Pop in April.  As with all their previous efforts, C’mon is a slow-burner, revealing itself in time to be a careful study in restraint and a critical examination of us, here, today.

Be sure to check them out on Sunday, September 25th at Colorado College’s Armstrong Theater at 7pm.  Check out KRCC’s website  for more details.

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