Thursday, June 8

SONG OF THE DAY: Fun. — “Some Nights”


I like artists whose name doubles as an description for their music. Fun. does just that. Their music is fun. Think 30 Seconds to Mars with more poppy talent and less suck (I’m talking to you Jared Leto). “Some Nights” could easily be the anthem of Fun.’s new album Some Nights (the fact that it’s the title song should be justification enough). With it’s strong drums and flailing vocals, you’ll be in a better mood before the first minute of the song passes.  I’m smiling just thinking about the song, really.

Some Nights (the album, not the song) is a great album. Hands down. You may notice a bit more hip-hop-y beats than their previous album Aim and Ignite (another solid album if you have not already listened). Turns out one of the big influences of the album was none other than Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.Even though their not quite on Yeezy’s swagger status, Fun. gives us yet another reason to wake up every morning with a smile and jam out to our favorite tunes with an embarrassing dance. Happy Listening.

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