The whole album is really great from start to finish, but be sure to check out the songs “Melanie” and “I Build Machines,” which has some excellent lyrics.  They self-released their first full length, REUNION!, about a year ago and their second album should be coming out soon.

SONG OF THE DAY: Girls — “Honey Bunny”

Girls are a rock pop outfit based out of San Francisco, and Honey Bunny is from their most recent release, Father, Son, Holy Ghost (True Panther, 2011).  They have a wonderfully accessible sound and lyrics that cut straight to the reality of it all, and have been compared (with good reason) to the likes of Buddy Holly and Elvis Costello.  This video was taken in an abandoned church in Brooklyn.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra is from Portland, OR and they released their self-titled debut last year.  The album as a whole is a beautiful brief and entrancting foray into noise pop.  Be sure to check out their Daytrotter session.

SONG OF THE DAY: Die Antwoord — “I Fink U Freaky”

If you haven’t been exposed to and/or scarred by Die Anwoord already, get ready (and possibly I’m sorry). These guys have been the rawest, filthiest hip/hop group for the past two years or so, and they keep on impressing/ horrifying us. Their recent banger hit “I Fink U Freaky” keeps the grunge-rap going with a beat that I personally think is out of this world. The production and playing around with a constantly speeding up tempo really helps to make it a great dance song as well as showcase Ninja’s (they guy’s) insane flow. Seriously this guy is one of the most solid rappers I have heard in a while. I don’t know if it’s the accent that makes him sound so cool, but whatever it is it’s working. The music video as always adds a scary and confusing feel to the song and also has some pretty insane dancers in their raw posse.

Die Antwoord’s second studio album entitled Ten$ion dropped earlier last month and I would highly recommend obtaining it in whatever fashion you usually get music. It’s collection of a unique sound that is becoming rarer and rarer in today’s popular music scene. Luckily these guys are getting pretty big (watch their performance on Letterman if you haven’t already), so hopefully we can expect much more from Ninja and Yolandi Visser (the scary pale girl).


SONG OF THE DAY: “Mickey Mouse” – Wavves

Mickey Mouse is off their “King of the Beach” album (Fat Possum Records, 2010). Like a beachier animal collective, Wavves has a sort of watery, trippy sound that is great for warm spring days when you wish you were on the California coast.

SONG OF THE DAY: Pearly Gate Music — “Daddy Wrote You Letters”

This video is a live performance at SXSW 2010, and if you like the melody/words be sure to take a listen to the record, which is quite pared down and wonderfully lo-fi (and rather a different feeling than the live performances).  Its difficult to choose a single song on the album because they are all excellent, but “Bad Nostalgia” is a personal favorite and “Oh, What A Time!” is a amusing little anecdote.

SONG OF THE DAY: The Head and the Heart — “Rivers and Roads”

Although they’ve only released one album, The Head and the Heart have been touring the U.S. for the past year and a half with groups such as Iron and Wine and The Walkmen. Look out for their melodious harmonious musicalities in the future, as they’ve quickly expanded from their PNW origins to gain national recognition.

SONG OF THE DAY – Nicki Minaj “Starships”


I know, I know. This song came out a MONTH ago… But I really don’t think enough credit was given to this gem of a Nicki Minaj track. It’s got a little bit of everything in it. The part you can sing with driving in the car. The part you can rage to. Even the part you can’t sing in front of your mother (but I feel like that’s not the best way to differentiate Nicki Minaj songs). I can’t tell you how many time’s I’ve had to playback the “higher than a motherf*****” beat drop. I’ve never had a Nicki song fill me with so much adrenaline (except for maybe Moment 4 Life with Drake, but you probably already thought that too). Regardless of which part you’ll enjoy the most, I highly encourage you to download/bootleg/listen to this song immediately.

“Starships” is one of the few confirmed songs off of Nicki’s upcoming second full album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. I’m sure I speak for most of the popular music connoisseurs in saying that I’m pretty excited for this next album. And if every song is as multifaceted and bumpin’ as “Starships,” I’ll buy it opening day.

If you couldn’t tell, I am border lining on obsession with Nicki. Seriously, I would do dark and sick things to marry Nicki Minaj. She would probably eat me though… That said, I’m in no way a fan of this recent alternate person Roman Zolanski  that Ms. Minaj recently introduced at the Grammy’s this year (Youtube it if you javen’t seen it, it’s bizarre). Happy Listening, and join me in forcing Nicki to have only one pretty, pink persona. Cheers.