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UPCOMING EVENT: Nineties Nostalgia Night at Ninth Block

This Saturday, 3/3/2012, join The SOCC as we revisit that Decade of decades; that cultural crossroads; that pre-millennial nether-zone; that halcyon era of our early adolescence; the Nineties. Of course, Nineties revivalism is nothing new–Doc Martins are cool again, we all miss Napster (Down with SOPA), Twin Peaks, Blah Blah Blah–but surely there’s more to be exhumed. Let us remind you of all that you’ve forgotten/repressed. Let us transport you back to your own juvenility (a la Juvenile of “Back That Thang Up” fame). We’ll all be in it together.

Line Up:

Jake Brownell + Josh Cuevas
Anna Forster-Smith + Erin O’Neill
Kathleen Hallgren + Zoe Isabella (Smath and Joe)

Drinks and snacks will be available for purchase, as usual. Click “Continue Reading” for some appetizers.

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