Thursday, March 30

SONG OF THE DAY: Alabama Shakes – “Be Mine”

While I haven’t posted any of their stuff on site before, if you listen to the show you know how I feel about this up and coming group out of Athens, Georgia. They have a sound that is a little bit Black Keys, a little bit Rolling Stones, and a lead singer who takes channels Janis Joplin and James Brown and mixes them up just right. They released an eponymous EP last year in September but Boys & Girls, released today on ATO Records, is their first full length production. I think it is pretty sweet, and even though you might have heard many of the songs before if you have been following them the new stuff is great and it all goes together well. Listen to one of those new tracks “Be Mine” below and head over to iTunes to get the album here, or listen to the whole thing first courtesy of NPR here.

Be Mine

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