SONG OF THE DAY: The Brian Jonestown Massacre-“In My Life”

When I first heard Brian Jonestown Massacre I didn’t like them at all. Their grungy disorganized sound, a style that I normally love, just didn’t do it for me. I confessed my underwhelmed feelings to my friend James who had recommend them, and after sensing some disappointment from him I decided to try them out again. I put on “In My Life” while cleaning my room, the first song he had told me to listen to. After the first listen I still could not decide how I felt about it, so I listened to it again…and again… and again. I was sure that I didn’t love it, but for some reason I didn’t want to stop listening. Weird. I still am sort of unsure of how I feel about the band, but take a listen and form your own opinions.

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