SONG OF THE DAY: Slugabed -“Goulash”

“Goulash” gives me a vivid and unusual visual experience of an intergalactic expedition in which I encounter good, evil, and the stuff that lies in between and outside. I come across unfamiliar creatures, territories and masses. I have no conception of space and time—the song is infinitely more peculiar than its title suggests.

There is no official video for the song, so I’ve embedded this one made by some fan who seems to interpret “Goulash” more catastrophically. To me it’s a lot less despairing; the song’s got this very raw, intrepid quality, perhaps owed to that UK bass sound.

This track is from the 2009 Ultra Heat Treated EP off Planet Mu records. Since Planet Mu, Slugabed has released five EPs and a full-length album on Ninja Tune. While he’s dabbled in various established genres, Slugabed’s production tends to remain crisp and innovative.

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