INTERVIEW: Easy, baby takes Colorado College

We sat down with psych-pop dream-trap group Easy, baby after their SOCC performance in December to chat about new music, old friends and the pitfalls of Rocket League. Based in Montreal, the band was started by CC alumni Gabe & Eli Sashihara and their childhood friend Lucas Hamren. Listen to the conversation below:



Starved in metropolis…
Hooked on necropolis…
Addict of metropolis…
Do the worm on the acropolis
Slamdance the cosmopolis
Enlighten the populace….

“Ghetto Defendant” is one of those songs that will never tire me. I’ve listened to it religiously for months, always finding something new in the lyrics and the way in which the different speakers’ words interact with one another. That pleasing, old poet voice rhythmically purring is none other than Allen Ginsberg reciting lyrics he wrote for the song, communicating “the voice of God.” Take a listen:


I’m imploring you not to take this song too seriously; if you don’t, you’ll probably really like it. Okay Kaya (who’s also an actress and a model, and Porches’ girlfriend) has a gorgeous voice, and her lyrical talents have brought lines like “Maybe if you come with me/I will let you cum in me.” At its most serious, the song pays tribute to Planned Parenthood, amongst other feminist touches. At its lightest is the chorus––to find out why, you just gotta click play.

CONCERT PREVIEW: BROCKHAMPTON @ The Ogden Theater, February 22

Brockhampton, stylized as BROCKHAMPTON, is a California-based American hip-hop collective formed in San Marcos, Texas in 2015. Brockhampton was founded on Internet forum KanyeToThe, leading them to be described as ‘The Internet’s first boy band’. They released their first mixtape All-American Trash in 2016, their first album Saturation in June 2017, and their second album Saturation II in August 2017.

No one could have predicted a year ago the height Brockhampton has reached. The boyband shot to superstardom somewhere between the releases of Saturation II and III. In just the last few weeks, Brockhampton has been featured on TRL, Fantano, and in Converse’s “Rated One Star” campaign.

America’s favorite boyband will be coming to Denver as a part of their LOVE YOUR PARENTS tour . The show is next Thursday February 22 at The Ogden Theater. Based on tour footage from their recent shows and the members’ respective Instagram stories, this not one to miss.

Be sure to check out CC’s Concerts and Shows Facebook group for carpool opportunities to the show. We hope to see you there.

LISTEN: “Boogie”