NEW PLAYLIST: Songs to Quarantine Yourself to

Songs to Quarantine Yourself to

9 months into COVID, and the quarantines keep coming. Loomis ends its lockdown as South and Mathias both start their own. It isn’t what we wanted, but it’s what we got. What else can we do but drown our sorrows in a well-curated playlist?

Ain’t Misbehavin’ – Fats Waller

This is how it all begins. We know it is not ideal, but we still carry with us the optimism that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We have nullified practically all social life—but we know the rules and so far, it’s alright…right?

Sound and Vision – David Bowie

We become wearier by the second as we stare at our same four walls and the fullest extent of our freedom from behind those pale blinds. We sit and wonder how to occupy our time in this seemingly endless expanse of consciousness amid our captivity.

Sorry You’re Sick – Ted Hawkins

For the friends who try to sustain us in any way they can. We may not be able to be with them, but their love-from-a-distance still touches our hearts. Like the song itself, these acts of kindness bring short, sweet bursts of respite to our ongoing struggle.

It Never Entered My Mind – Ella Fitzgerald

What were we thinking about at this time last year? “Once I laughed when I heard you saying / That I’d be playing solitaire / Uneasy in my easy chair / It never entered my mind.” Furthermore, we’ve gotten to point of losing all pretense. Doing your hair? Washing your face? Expecting to have any sort of social life? Instead, we just get up each day and sip on our orange juice for one.

I Want to Break Free – Queen

Cabin fever is beginning to set in. We’re wearing ourselves down with our own company. How much longer can we take this?

I Wanna Go Outside – Snoop Dogg

The hottest quarantine jam of 2020, and a voice for the people, courtesy of Snoop Dogg.

Chamber of Reflection – Mac DeMarco

After denial, anger, and bargaining, things are starting to look quite bleak. We try to content ourselves with the idea that soon things will be different—yet every day we find ourselves alone. Again.

Lemon Tree – Fool’s Garden

There is no more beauty. There are no more blue skies. We are surrounded by an endless spectacle of sourness as we sit and wallow.

Alone Again (Naturally) – Gilbert O’Sullivan

Really, what did it ever feel like to be with other people? In and out of quarantines, lockdowns, social restrictions… we are facing a crisis every day, and what faith or hope do we have anymore? “In my hour of need / I truly am indeed / alone again, naturally.”

Nobody – Johnny Cash

Our mastery of cynicism has reached its highest highs amid our lowest lows. We have decided that it is time to give up on people altogether.

Alone and Suffering (Interlude) – Lil Ugly Mane

We are basically just crying in our beds, vibing to sad beats, and ruminating on our pain.

I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

Okay, we are stronger than this. We know we will one day go on to live a life that extends beyond this room. We can make it through this little interlude and know that it does not foretell a greater pattern of misfortune. And until then, don’t you dare try and visit me!

What’s New? – Billie Holiday

It is the day we have been dreaming of. Those first, tentative conversations we’ve been obsessively playing out in our minds for weeks, or months even…yet could we ever have imagined how it would really feel?

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