Squirrel Flower, Goon, and Lu Lagoon

A lovely, lovely show.

The night began with Denver’s own Lu Lagoon. They are a talented group, and they make good music. Heartfelt, energetic indie alternative rock music with that glint of gaze I have been absolutely loving in the Denver scene lately. They will be playing with our very own friend & CC alum, Eliza Neiman-Golden of Tiny Tomboy fame, at an album release party for Tiny Tomboy February 28th at the Seventh Circle Music Collective. That is this Saturday! Should have some great music, and I hear the venue is very cool.

Unfortunately, I am bad at keeping things and lost their photos?? Ridiculous and unprofessional, apologies. Will be searching and edit this immediately upon their rediscovery.

Goon began their set with nice bleep blooping on the synthesizer. Then they played music for a while, and I enjoyed it. Plenty of face-melting guitar work and deep grooving yielded a truly wonderful time. We are blessed to have them making music in our world.

Photos courtesy Owen Cox, me

Squirrel Flower‘s newest album is a stunning accomplishment. I LOVE the first track, the layering of vocals and minimal composition are truly heavenly. The rest of them are also wonderful, the guitars crash like collapsing warehouses as O’Conner’s beautiful voice spins tales of depression and desperation. How difficult it can be to escape these pits when the nurture of childhood is gone and the uncaring gaze of professional necessity fills its place. Luckily, we have artists like these.

Photos courtesy Owen Cox

Also dang, those were some cool-looking people, fantastic outfits in Squirrel Flower especially.

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