We are now ON AIR for 2022-2023! And we have a new listening website!

Listen Live at thesoccradio.com

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Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to get a two person radio show during any of the following time slots: 4pm on Friday, 6pm on Wednesday, 8pm on a Friday, 9pm on Friday or 10pm on Tuesday (listed in order of preference). The show would be hosted by myself, Aidan Santos (ID 195379, a_santos@coloradocollege.edu) and Westy Davis (ID 191610, w_davis@coloradocollege.edu). If there is someone else that I need to contact about securing one of these slots please let me know. Thank you so much,
Aidan Santos

Henry Hodde’s voice is smoother than warm butter gliding over ice. He’s a magician on the turntables, producing an orgasmic, literally orgasmic, I repeat, literally ORGASMIC, mix on this fine radio station. This station restored my faith. An absolute spectacle heretofore unheard. Please continue doing the Lord’s work. #freetayk

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