I’m interested in the biology, ecology and conservation of invertebrates and vertebrates, especially in sensitive habitats. I’ve worked most extensively with life histories, taxonomy, ecology and conservation of insects and other invertebrates. Much of my recent research has involved studies on bats, caves, groundwater, and their intersection with human activities.

Colorado College students: I deeply enjoyed working with you, I’ve moved on from Colorado but, if you’d like to reach out to me for advice or help with a project, you can still reach me as long as CC maintains my email address.

Primary Research

At the moment, my primary research falls into two areas: 1) cave & groundwater amphipods (Crustacea) and hyporheic ecosystems; and 2) ecoacoustics including both audible sounds and bat ultrasound.

Other Research Interests

I’m occasionally involved in various various cave biology projects which include cave bioinventories and collection of cave microclimate data. Additionally, scorpion biology is something I’ve been dabbling in, and there is definitely an opportunity, in the warmer months, to do some interesting work with these animals just a bit south of Colorado Springs.  Other projects that might be interesting and feasible for undergraduate projects include studies of stream macroinvertebrates, ground beetle communities (restricted to warmer months), and quantification of human trash along waterways.  If any one of these, or some idea that you have for other research, seems like something you’d like to explore, we can meet and chat.

More about me

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
Google Scholar profile

Zoology Department, Denver Museum of Nature & Science
former lab page at University of Illinois
Stygobromus Working Group

Select Recent Publications

Niemiller M.L., S.J. Taylor, M.E. Slay, and H.H. Hobbs III. 2019. Chapter 19. Biodiversity in the United States and Canada. Pages 163–176 in: Encyclopedia of Caves, 3rd Ed. (W.B. White, D.C. Culver, and T. Pipan, eds.). Elsevier. eBook ISBN: 9780128141250 Paperback ISBN: 9780128141243

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