Eating Grapes with Chopsticks

We all know that the only food London is really famous for is its fish and chips.  Having recently found out that I am lactose and gluten intolerant, I wasn’t sure how easy eating in London was going to be.  Here’s what I’ve found:

Eating out is actually fairly easy.  Besides its fish and chips, London has an exceptional variety of international food.  I’ve mainly been eating sushi, Indian food, and Mexican food.  But if there is a different type of ethnic food you like to eat, you are most likely to find it in London.  There is even an Italian restaurant that has an entire gluten-free menu.

Eating a grape with chopsticks…

When grocery shopping, however, I’ve found it a bit more difficult to find gluten and dairy free snacks and meals.  I think this is just because the Sainsbury’s that is closest to our hostel is pretty small.  Regardless, I’ve managed to eat, and eat well.  But I do miss the fresh food from my town in Massachusetts and the fact  that our grocery stores have soy ice cream…YUM!

The sentence I was screaming all day: “I wanna steak!”
Lots of veggies and some (very sugary) tea

It’s been hot here in London (but not nearly as hot as it is in CO!) and yesterday I was having “one of those days”.  You know when something goes wrong, or you have a headache, or you’re super hungry, and then that something blows up to be everything?  And now EVERYTHING is bothering you?  Well, I was in a rut.  It was kind of like that scene from National Lampoon’s European Vacation:

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And then I remembered why I’m here…to enjoy Shakespeare!