Finishing the First Year

This past year was my first year of college.  I did not have a typical first year of college.  This is the last class I need to become a sophomore. I began my career at CC last summer during C block, before I had any sort of orientation for college.  I got off to a […]

Eating Grapes with Chopsticks

We all know that the only food London is really famous for is its fish and chips.  Having recently found out that I am lactose and gluten intolerant, I wasn’t sure how easy eating in London was going to be.  Here’s what I’ve found: Eating out is actually fairly easy.  Besides its fish and chips, […]

Tuppence a Bag

My mother tells me that I went through a phase when I was little where the only movie I ever wanted to watch was Mary Poppins. Every day I asked her if I could watch it. I know the movie by heart. Do you remember the bird lady, who sits in front of St. Paul’s […]

British Lingo

Before I arrived in London, just the thought of being anywhere near where Shakespeare once walked was exciting–and it certainly is.  But it turns out that the culture of the Londoners is fascinating me just as much.  I feel as though I’m walking through some kind of fairytale land (with real double-decker buses and red […]