British Lingo

Before I arrived in London, just the thought of being anywhere near where Shakespeare once walked was exciting–and it certainly is.  But it turns out that the culture of the Londoners is fascinating me just as much.  I feel as though I’m walking through some kind of fairytale land (with real double-decker buses and red phone booths!).

I must admit that London is much classier than the U.S. in almost every way, but particularly in the way everyone speaks.  It has now become a goal of mine to be fluent in the British lingo by the time I return to the U.S.  I know some British slang, but hearing it in person is quite entertaining.   Today I learned that if you want a meal “to-go”, you say you want a meal “take-away”.  Instead of waiting in the “line” to buy something, you are waiting in the “queue”.  And of course, the “television” is called the “telly” and the “bathroom” is just called the “toilet” (I have not yet heard the term “the loo”).  I’m still waiting to hear the word “rubbish”.

Today we traveled by train to Stratford-Upon-Avon and I must admit, besides visiting Shakespeare’s birthplace and seeing a fantastic production of Richard III, the highlight of my day was when the owner of our B&B showed us where we were staying and said, “Follow me, lovey!”  Aww, she said “lovey”!  So charming, and so London.  I can’t wait to hear more.

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