GS 554 — Coming of Age in America: Contemporary Issues (Continued)

Explore Roberto Rivera’s

Questions of Application:

  • What do we do with the ideas that have come up over the course of the institute?
  • How do we apply our understanding in our specific schools and classrooms?

Useful Notions:

  • Ascent and Immersion
  • Borders
  • Double Consciousness
  • Tension Between Stereotype and “Reality”
  • Post-Colonialism
  • Call and Response

Philosophical Questions:

  • How can teachers help a student become a unique individual and a member of a community?
  • How do you go from being touched to being moved?
  • How do you maintain a school system as a cornerstone of a progressive and democratic society?

Questions about Students:

  • What is the impact of popular culture on our students?
  • How can you help students find their voices and tell their stories? How can you find and tell your own?
  • How can you foster a sense of worthiness in students?
  • How do we help students understand their identities?
  • To what extent should we shelter students from difficult truths?

Questions about Teachers:

  • How can teachers form authentic relationships with students while respecting professional boundaries?
  • How do we balance pressures to achieve (frequently measured by dictates and standards) with the meaningful, non-quantifiable elements of student growth?
  • What responsibility do teachers bear for promoting digital citizenship?

Questions about Curriculum:

  • What would it look like to have a coherent, aligned multicultural curriculum?
  • How can teachers develop a multicultural curriculum without threatening (or seeming to threaten) the established values of the larger community?

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  1. So many questions have been raised in this class. It has been great to hear from Craig and Chris, to read such probing books and be challenged by my classmates.

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