Flying (or not flying) by the seat of our pants

I am a notorious planner, addicted to schedules and reliant on lists. Besides making the unpredictability of next year almost more than my slightly neurotic personality can handle, it makes the adventure that I am currently undertaking entirely uncharacteristic. I’m sitting in the Miami airport, 7 hours into a 5 hour layover, considering exactly what I have gotten myself into for the next four days.

Getting a little archaeological field experience by taking Archaeological Field Methods abroad in Spain 7th block is all part of the master plan: experimenting within the four sub-fields of Anthropology to make myself as marketable as possible post graduation. Even heading over a few days early to get a little spring break post-thesis and pre-class relaxation was planned. However that is exactly where the planning ends.

Usually by this point, I would have specific directions constructed, typed, and printed. Everything from transport between the airport and hostel to a complete itinerary of sites, museums, walking tours, and nap times. No joke. I’m telling you, I am a great planner. But not this time.

Probably a product of both a lack of time and an inability to comprehend that I would be international for 7th block, I could not find the time nor the urge to plan this trip to Barcelona. I think I managed to convince myself that it would plan itself. My planning started at the airport when I picked up a pocket guide to Barcelona, read two pages, and decided to look at the rest on the plane (probability this will actually happen: slim to none. I am exhausted from sitting in an airport all day).

By this point though the plane has taken off and there is literally nothing I can do to remedy the fact that I am woefully unprepared. Nothing for it but to surrender to the unknown and embrace the inevitable. Nothing like a little personal challenge before I get my academic challenge on.

So let the spontaneity begin and hilarity ensue.

Published by Tori Frecentese '13

I am a Senior Anthropology major with an African Studies minor from Stillwater, Minnesota. On campus I am involved in Salsa club, IM Hockey and Broomball, a student worker for Athletic Marketing, and a member of the Mortar Board and Blue Key Honor Societies. With varied interests and passions, at any give point you can find me at the library late night, tearing up the dance floor, or adventure-ing in the mountains.

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  1. I think you are trying to test yourself Tori…no worries, all will turn out exactly as it should!

    Looking forward to hearing how things go once you’re on the ground.

    Love and Light…Jodie

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