What To Do When You’re Home for Spring Break.

  • Cuddle with your dog. Wonder how you’ll ever leave your dog again.
  • Be shocked by the humidity and warmth of your homeland. 85 degrees? Ocean breeze? Miss your dry, cold bipolar Colorado but secretly also twirl as moisture returns to your parched winter skin.
  • See old friends. Hug old friends. Get sushi with old friends. Say goodbye again to old friends.
  • Spend time with your family. Go in the hot tub with your family. Make dinner for your family. Try not to be irritated with your family. Relax, you’re with your family.
  • Suddenly realize it’s March of your junior year. Freak out. Waste hours researching graduate programs (for the 55th time) and make lists and attempt to study for the GRE but ultimately end up on the living room floor staring at your dog because it’s spring break and the semester has been a tad intense and you just need to chill out for a few minutes.
  • Take aforementioned dog on as many hikes as possible. Remember the sunscreen. Run. Feel like a warrior with your new super strength lung capacity. Bless the Colorado mountains for the gym-free training.
  • Try to sleep in. Your body needs it. Fail at sleeping in. The one time you do sleep in feel guilt for wasting precious hours. Drink as much coffee as you do at school.
  • Obnoxiously check your CC banner twelve times a day to see if your Block 6 grade has been posted. It hasn’t, and you know it won’t be until Block 7 is deep. Still, you’ll check every day. That’s OK. You’re only human.
  • Attempt to get serious work done on your Writing Center tutor training research paper. Succeed in this attempt but still feel as if the revision will never, ever end. Read another book on the joys of teaching writing. Make more notes. Keep digging.
  • Help your mom in the garden. It’s 75 degrees in California. It’s 19 degrees and snowing in Colorado. Enjoy the warmth. Enjoy your childhood home.
  • Wake up at 5:30 to drive to Hollywood for a very silly movie/book signing event that you’re too ashamed to mention online by name.
    The 5.
  • Download Tinder. Laugh. Laugh some more.
  • Bake cookies and brownies and bread.
  • Start missing Colorado. Start missing campus, the sprint of the CC life, and eagerly wait for reality to resume its exhaustive tendencies.
  • Hug your dog some more.
  • Adore every day and night.
    Orange County.

Published by Heather Ezell

I’m Heather. I claim both northern and southern California as home, though I’m happiest when surrounded by sequoias and a foggy beach. After jumping around several different community colleges in CA and CO, I transferred to CC in Winter 2012 and majoring in English on the Creative Writing Fiction Track with plans to graduate with the class of 2014. During my time at CC, I've acted as the student curator, the copy editor of The Leviathan, a peer tutor in the Writing Center, and an Admission Fellow. However, I most adore to pretend I'm a ballerina in the afternoons.

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  1. I love the part where you mention your dog repeatedly! I just got accepted and realized how hard it’ll be to leave my furry little companion this fall! Sounds like a great break though. Hope the grad school search goes well!

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