Tips for When You’re Lost in London




One of my favorite parts about being in London is figuring out how to get somewhere. This has been my first trip abroad where I have been given so much freedom. However, I have discovered that for the price of freedom is the need of a good sense of direction. When walking down the street, I can’t help but stare at everything. This leads to me having no awareness of where I am or how I got there. This is why I am not surprised that I have been lost countless times. Figuring out how to get to the next destination is an exciting experience. I have learned a lot from it:
1.) Make sure that no one is starving. If they are, it’s probably a good idea to feed them or crabbiness will spread among the group.
2.) Don’t listen to Hershall. Whatever he says, do the opposite.
3.) You can always try asking someone for directions. If they ignore you, try again. If you are ignored again, try someone who looks nicer. If once again you are ignored, you must not be good at picking nice looking people. Find another plan.
4.) Don’t stop in the middle of the sidewalk to figure out where you are because someone will probably shove you out of their way and swear at you.
5.) Maps are your best friend.
6.) Actually look into every possible room and crevice in the restaurant when looking for your class who you think has deserted you.
7.) Don’t lose hope. You can always find a beer at the end of the tunnel.



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  1. Hershall? Why, he’s a genius! You can’t go wrong following Hershall! Whoever wrote this article must be a bit “dull in the noodle,” as we say in Uzbekistan.

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