The Weekend

I have a fifteen-page play due on Monday. I’m really not sure why I’m writing this blog entry right now, honestly–every waking moment should be spent on this play. I have a semi-story in my head, and about a page on paper. Right now my main concern is making it work without a lot of stage direction. That seems to be a weakness of mine; I did it in The Attic Play, and now that Idris has limited the amount of direction we can write in, I’m forced to write a play that relies heavily on dialogue. It’s a great exercise, because I’m terrible at dialogue, but also I’m terrible at dialogue, so this is exceedingly difficult.

I’m trying to write about a cult leader’s funeral. The more I think about it, the less I think it will work as a story. In fact, I think as I write this I’m changing my mind. Crap.

Updates to come again–we’ll see where I go.

Love, Alec

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