Oh No

My 7th block was canceled a few months ago because the professor is directing the epic stage masterpiece Angels in America: Millennium Approaches instead, so I decided this would be a good time to get my Q credit out of the way. (The Q stands for Quantitative Reasoning, by the way, and it’s difficult to get one […]


Yesterday was amazing. I didn’t get a chance to blog about it, but now I’m sitting in Colorado Coffee and it’s cold out and I’m wearing flip-flops, so I basically have no choice. Anyway. Yesterday we had an incredible opportunity to Skype with Kris Diaz, the playwright who wrote Chad Deity and was nominated for a […]


Well, Idris found out about my blog, so I’ve got to be more careful about what I say. Hopefully he doesn’t find my secret blog where I just complain about him–no one tell him where that one is. Anyway, today we read a play called The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity. It’s by a guy […]

Hit the Wall

We read an incredible play today called Hit the Wall, by Ike Holter. It was a heavily dialogue-driven, witty, sad, razor-sharp, rhythmic play that I think will stick with me for a very long time. Hit the Wall is about the Stonewall Riot, an event in 1969 that many historians seem to agree was the catalyst for […]

11 Pages

It’s not good. It’s not terrible either. It’s just alright, but it’s also the longest play I’ve ever written, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice. I have not written a lot of fiction in my life. This play, while definitely angsty and almost definitely shitty, is still dialogue-driven, still meets the […]

7-Page Regret

I’m 7 pages into my 10-pager, and I’ve fallen into every trap I promised myself I would avoid: I’m angsty, I’m not making jokes, I’m writing about things I haven’t researched fully, and I don’t know how I’m going to end it in the next 3 to 8 pages. Dialogue is really not my forte. […]

The Weekend

I have a fifteen-page play due on Monday. I’m really not sure why I’m writing this blog entry right now, honestly–every waking moment should be spent on this play. I have a semi-story in my head, and about a page on paper. Right now my main concern is making it work without a lot of […]

Medical Plot

That was trying to be a pun on “medical pot,” but that’s not important right now. We’re in class right now discussing a student play about a writer who loses his wife to his incompetence in husbandhood in 1939, and we’ve spent an hour discussing reasons why it’s so great and saying “I don’t want […]

I Said A Hip-Hop Hippie to the Hippie

Today was hip-hop aesthetics day in Idris’s class, and it was kee-razy. We spent a lot of time discussing the categories we use to judge hip-hop music, the history behind it, the future of hip-hop, and, of course, hip-hop as a form of theatre. That’s right, hip-hop theatre. We read an essay by a performer […]

Framework Narrative

We read a play today called The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow by Rolin Jones. It was near-perfect: a tasteful mix of awkward Mormon comedy and painful identity-crisis drama. One of the most interesting aspects of the play, though, wasn’t the fact that the title character is a robot, or that the protagonist has OCD. […]