If Information Created Democracy, Can Misinformation Destroy It?

“What we are seeing is death by a thousand cuts.” -Maria Ressa In 2013, the Philippines became a trial-run for Facebook’s “Free Facebook” campaign, an effort to subsidize internet access for smartphone users. The campaign was heralded as a success; nearly 69 million Filipinos use Facebook today, compared to 29 million in 2012. Yet, as […]

The Civilian-Military Divide And Why You Should Care

Growing up in a small town in Oregon, I had little interaction with the military. Oregon has few active-duty military bases, most of which were several hours away. My first experience even really seeing members of the Armed Forces was on a trip to Portland to get ice cream (when you come from a small […]

No, Twitter is not the same as Facebook.

During Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony in front of Congress at the height of the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2018, senators from both sides of the aisle asked the following questions:  “How do you sustain a business model in which users don’t pay for your service?” “Is Twitter the same as what you do?”  “If I’m emailing […]

The Classroom Culture

Kathy stands at the front of our circle of chairs around the board room table. It is the last day of class and despite the laughing, there is a sense of sadness in the room. We all are going to leave for spring break the next day and may never convene in the same room […]

30 Hours and Connections

Our last day of class observation has come and gone. 30 hours of K-12 class observation under our belts. Looking back on the past week I did not know how the class would end. It had been a rollercoaster of laughing and professionalism and overall block pandemonium. We spent week 3 doing more of the […]

The First Half!

I began this class the moment I left my room on the first day. I believe the walk to class counts as a part of the experience. On a first Monday, you don’t know what to expect. You are about to plunge into a class that will completely define your life for the next three […]

Experiencing Classrooms

“The block is halfway over” says Kathy as she starts Wednesday’s class. I am taken aback, it feels as if the class just started and now we are closer to the end than the beginning. The week was a whirlwind of 4th grade class observations and discussions. Monday and Wednesday were typical days in a […]

Breaking Trail

On Monday Morning we made the four hour trek to Gothic, Colorado, a small town with a year round population of four just north of Crested Butte. Gothic was a small silver mining town founded in the 1880s, but rebranded itself with the establishment of the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (RMBL) in 1928. While the […]

Catching up on Week 2

Week two began with an overnight field trip to the CC Cabin. After departing from campus, we headed to Mueller State Park in Divide. We finally broke out the snowshoes and trekking poles to do a 2.6 mile loop around the park to observe different species. We also explored the visitor center and presented on […]