Stories From Serbia (In No Particular Order)

1. We saw an old man walking his pet bunny. Apparently pet bunnies are a thing here.

2. We went to the ruins of the National Library. It was bombed during WWII and has been kept intact ever since. Dah Teatar, the theatre group we are working with, did a site-specific performance there commemorating this. It involved a violin, lighting a book on fire, and pouring ripped pages out of water buckets.

3. We had beers with some social workers from Belgium that we met in a a café.

4. Hana threw up from drinking the tap water.

5.  We met one of the activists from Otpor. He told us about how on the day the regime finally fell, he was afraid of being beaten by two policemen that he saw. So he asked one of them for his baton. Surprisingly, the policeman looked shocked and scared and  gave him the baton. The activist turned around and realized there was a crowd of other activists behind him, which was why the policeman was afraid. He then put his arm around the policeman, and told his friends, “He is our brother,” so they wouldn’t attack him. And he kept the police baton as a souvenir!

6. Chris almost got a French girl’s number.

More stories soon!


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