Dobro Jutro… or vece or whatever.

Good Morning!

I say that because I’m conditioned to say that when I wake up from a couple hours of slumber. For example, now. The problem remains, though, that it is 8:00Pm. I probably shouldn’t have taken a three hour nap, in terms of killing jet lag, but the weight of my eyelids at 4:30 this afternoon after grabbing only thirty minute, sporadic intervals of Z’s since 6am yesterday (MST) was too heavy.

So obviously, or not so obviously given the current haziness of the brain, we have arrived in Belgrade, Serbia! My route, along with Mac, meandered lazily over to Detroit, then picked up the pace across the Atlantic Ocean. We stopped in to say Bonjour! to the early bird Parisian community, but only briefly. So briefly, in fact, that my bag (which I was coerced into gate checking due to overbooking in Denver) didn’t have time to run to the connecting flight (or get driven there, or however that works).

Lost bag notwithstanding, this afternoon we landed in Belgrade to a springing spring complete with budding trees, seventy degrees of fahrenheit, and grass and flowers. We grabbed a bus from the airport to the hotel for tri stotina dinari. The ride was a good intro tour to the immediate outskirts of the city. Lots of old houses with red tile roofs, grass growing amidst the flowers in the medians, small cars and trucks on smaller streets.

We wandered hazily through the surrounding blocks this afternoon, grabbed some chocolate-stuffed croissant things at a bakery, checked out a park and a little art gallery kinda thing with a human hampster wheel, and walked under old european style buildings surrounding one apparently war-torn structure.

The whole crew has just arrived in the hotel. 30 hours of traveling for them so naturally we are gonna go to bed…. later after we do stuff.


Dobro jutro!


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