Playing around with sounds (Audio Essay, Block 8)

Greetings from the Audio Essay!

So, after reading an awesome article by Brendan Baker (here’s the link: ) our class spent the day split between peer editing our personal essay and a very fun, creative sound compilation exercise. I think the bigger sound nerds in our class got more from the Brendan Baker article than I did, but it was a fun read regardless.

After our last assignment using the Audition Program for audio compilation, I was feeling a little insecure about my audio mixing abilities compared to the rest of the class (I tried to layer two too many Alt-J songs into my rendition of Italo Calvino’s Moon short story, the results were cringe-worthy). This time, Felicia had us make an audio adaptation of one of four creepy vintage children’s book covers. I picked this one:



It was a really fun and unexpectedly challenging creative exercise, translating the mood of a picture into an audio score. Nicole and I were talking after class, and agreed that Felicia should teach an “audio sculpture” class next year as a follow up to this class.

I do miss the amount of writing we were doing earlier in the blocks, classes have shifted into more abstract exercises this week. Tomorrow, our writers workshop should give me a good dose of word work.





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