A week of conferencing and work days

Our class all seemed to be disproportionately sick, overtired, or gloomy this morning, myself included. I think 3rd week monday of 8th block came a bit sooner than a lot of us were expecting. It’s occasionally been challenging to be fully present in this class during such a transitional time on campus. Most of our […]

Workshopping; The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

Thursday and Friday of this week were consumed by workshopping all ten drafts of our final audio essays. Both days were long, rewarding and difficult. It was my first experience workshopping anything, or being workshopped, and I think most of the class was a little nervous. A writing workshop environment is so intense because you […]

Playing around with sounds (Audio Essay, Block 8)

Greetings from the Audio Essay! So, after reading an awesome article by Brendan Baker (here’s the link: http://transom.org/2014/using-music-brendan-baker/ ) our class spent the day split between peer editing our personal essay and a very fun, creative sound compilation exercise. I think the bigger sound nerds in our class got more from the Brendan Baker article than I […]

Making the Pitch

The second week of The Audio Essay started out on a note of high anxiety for me; we all made a professional story pitch. Over the weekend, our assignment was to create a formal pitch for a personal essay to debut on a radio program. Theoretically, if our pitch did well in class, it was […]