A week of conferencing and work days

Our class all seemed to be disproportionately sick, overtired, or gloomy this morning, myself included. I think 3rd week monday of 8th block came a bit sooner than a lot of us were expecting. It’s occasionally been challenging to be fully present in this class during such a transitional time on campus. Most of our early 3rd week will be spent working and recording in the lab, with workshopping our rough drafts at a field trip to KRCC at the end of the week.

I’ve been really appreciating our daily check in, where we all go around and give  a quick update on how we’re doing, both inside and outside of class. Its something I wish every class did, I think it can humanize us all if we’ve been feeling half awake or nonspecifically moody that morning. I think we’ll be really needing check in this week to stay updated with one another’s progress, because we’ll be spending most of our class time working on our individual projects.

I had my first 1:1 conference with Felicia this morning to edit down my final script. Watching her editing process and being part of the conversation was incredibly helpful, and her attention to transitions between scenes in my script was important. I guess our own stories always seem perfectly logical and coherent to us because we know exactly what happened next.

I’m still nervous to begin to actual recording and editing process after my first attempt was a titanic sized disaster. Our shorter experimental assignments with sound editing have built my confidence, and I think the ability to present a rough draft before our final next week should smooth out my nerves.

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