Release Forms, License Agreements, and Contracts – Oh my!

Today we learned about the legalities regarding filmmaking in larger settings. I was amazed at how much work goes into filming in a public setting. For Clay and Dylan’s movie, The Hollywood Complex, there is one scene where there are a bunch of children in a crowded room, and even though those children are not participating in the film, they had to get a release form from every child there. It’s just so incredible (and mentally exhausting) to see how much work goes into documentaries. It’s really amazing how documentary filmmakers care about bringing their subject matter to the public to bring awareness to important issues so that they can share their understanding with others. It really shows how dedicated you need to be in order to stay motivated through the process, and how careful you need to be when you make a film. I’ve definitely learned to be more careful the next time I decide to film material in public settings. Having a greater understanding of what goes into making documentaries will change how I will films in the future, hopefully I won’t feel too stressed out the next time I watch a documentary thinking about legal issues!

We’ve also been learning a great deal about professionalism and it’s such a unique experience that we get with going into the “real world” – we’re starting our externships either tomorrow or Thursday, depending on our location, but we still have the privilege of having Clay or Dylan be a phone call away to assist us. Alongside the ethics of documentary and learning about the moral obligation each filmmaker has for the film they’re making, learning all these skills has really prepared me to be professional and ethical for when I make my documentary.

My externship with InsideOut, an LGBT youth center in downtown Colorado Springs, starts tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to becoming more familiar with the organization.

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