Archival Footage

One of our class projects involved using archival footage in order to create an engaging story about a subject. Some examples include using footage from Charlie Chaplin films in order to tell the story of a scandal he had with someone in the past, another one involved telling a family story with mining. Here is […]

In terms of externship, Friday was my last day at InsideOut. UrbanPeak, a homeless shelter for youth in Colorado Springs from ages 15-20, and InsideOut recently collaborated and decided that the UrbanPeak kids would have drop in hours from 12:30-3pm at InsideOut. The most exciting activity of the day was from 5:30-7pm – Glitter Wars. […]

Baby do you love me?

Yesterday was my longest day at InsideOut. I came in at 11am and Eric gave me a ton of random tasks to do. One of the tasks involved putting bills into envelopes and when I looked at the costs for running and managing InsideOut, it was interesting to see what most people don’t take into […]

An Outside Look into InsideOut

Yesterday was my first day for my externship at InsideOut, a LGBT youth services center in downtown Colorado Springs. I met Eric Pizana and Ashley and in their office they were writing grants to local organizations, asking them if they would be able to provide any food or money for InsideOut. Eric gave me a […]