Baby do you love me?

Yesterday was my longest day at InsideOut. I came in at 11am and Eric gave me a ton of random tasks to do. One of the tasks involved putting bills into envelopes and when I looked at the costs for running and managing InsideOut, it was interesting to see what most people don’t take into account – waste management, water bills, electricity bills, medical insurance, etc. It was good to get a better perspective about nonprofits that most people don’t take into account since I may want to work for one in the future.

Later, Eric and I went to Citadel Mall to meet someone at Imagination Celebration┬áto help him with strategic planning for InsideOut’s future. When we arrived, one of my CC friends was there!┬áHe gave us a tour of the place and it was such an incredible place. There was an area to display traveling art, a station where art classes take place (art that people have made in the past was displayed on the outside), another area that was filled with a variety of art supplies that the public was free to use, an area where lost computer supplies go to be reinvented to be robots and metal sculptures, and a section where local artists could sell their handmade works (such as jewelry, stationary, etc.). Since he said it was for all ages to unleash their creativity, I would love to go there and have a day making art.

Around 5:15pm, some of the youth started coming in and I lead the game “Baby do you love me?” Basically, the goal of the game was to make another person smile or laugh. People will be arranged in a circle and there will be one person in the middle who has to say to someone in the circle “Baby I love you will you please smile for me?” and the person has to say back to the person in the middle “I’m sorry baby but I just can’t smile” in a straight face. It was fun playing the game with everyone because it was fun seeing how they made others laugh or smile. The point of playing the game was to show people how it’s important to keep a straight face and be professional when faced with difficult questions like “Why did you choose to be gay?” and to answer in a polite and poised manner. I think that the game was a useful exercise because it seemed that they were able to see the takeaway.

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