Week #1: Evolution is Resistance

Hello CC! My name is Hannah Baum, and I am a sophomore in Professor Karen Roybal’s Southwest Studies class, called Art, Power, & Resistance. The focus of our first week was art, embodiment, and tradition. Before starting to discuss the focus of the course, Southwest art, culture, and history, we spent two days discussing and […]

If Information Created Democracy, Can Misinformation Destroy It?

“What we are seeing is death by a thousand cuts.” -Maria Ressa In 2013, the Philippines became a trial-run for Facebook’s “Free Facebook” campaign, an effort to subsidize internet access for smartphone users. The campaign was heralded as a success; nearly 69 million Filipinos use Facebook today, compared to 29 million in 2012. Yet, as […]

The Civilian-Military Divide And Why You Should Care

Growing up in a small town in Oregon, I had little interaction with the military. Oregon has few active-duty military bases, most of which were several hours away. My first experience even really seeing members of the Armed Forces was on a trip to Portland to get ice cream (when you come from a small […]

The Magic in the CC Classroom: Your Peers

In an effort to foster connection between our cohorts, Robin, a paraprofessional in the Geology department, posted photos of all of us in each classroom.In an effort to foster connection between our cohorts, Robin, a paraprofessional in the Geology department, posted photos of all of us in each classroom. Throughout the course of my first […]

No, Twitter is not the same as Facebook.

During Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony in front of Congress at the height of the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2018, senators from both sides of the aisle asked the following questions:  “How do you sustain a business model in which users don’t pay for your service?” “Is Twitter the same as what you do?”  “If I’m emailing […]

Our Colorful Little Song

Sometimes it can be hard to write about this class. But this difficulty doesn’t come from a lack of words or ideas. It comes more so from an overabundance of words and ideas as well as the reality that nothing I can write will be able to make anyone else truly understand and appreciate how […]

In-Person Learning During COVID-19: A First-Year’s Perspective

Since I joined Paul’s Oceanography class so last minute, I had no time to process what an in-person class during the COVID-19 pandemic would look like. After I found the right classroom in Palmer, I claimed a desk at the back of the room, trying to make a quiet entrance as we began to review […]

From Position 18 on the Waitlist to Getting into the Course

GY115: Oceanography, taught by Paul Myrow, is an entirely in-person class located in Palmer Hall Two hours before the first meeting for my Block 5 art history course, I was still thinking about Paul Myrow’s Oceanography class. I had first heard about the class from a high school acquaintance who took it a few years […]