Self-psychology and Art

In the second and third week of Philosophy and Psychoanalysis, we delved into self-psychology in terms of history, ethics, modern culture, and diversity. We read Kohut’s application of self-psychology within the national context, specifically Nazi Germany, along with Riker’s application of self-psychology to the whole of European culture between 17th and 19th century. It was […]

Introduction to Psychoanalysis and Applications to me

In the first two days of Philosophy and Psychoanalysis with Professor John Riker, we explored what psychoanalysis is, its historical roots, and its significance within today’s context. Our assignment was to summarize the night’s reading, as well as respond with personal reflections. In my reflections, I discovered that I previously misunderstood psychoanalysis because I falsely […]

Packing up CP307

As the class wraps up, we turn our attention to our final project. This project finds a fast way to solve the well-known 1/0 Knapsack problem. This problem provides us with a maximum weight and a list of items. Each item has a name, a value, and a weight associated with it. The objective of […]

What Happened?

The 2020 election was nothing short of unprecendented. For our final exam, we were given three hours to respond to one prompt to synthesize what we have learned throughout the class: “explain why the 2020 election turned out as it did.” What a complicated question to answer! As is my typical fashion, my response to […]

Thought to Kickstart Action

The Modernocene: Progress, Race, Capitalism, and Climate Catastrophe has come to an end. The class I mean. I walk away thinking however that many wish my former statement was true. This class has highlighted that our perceptions of progress, race, and value for capitalism, as Professor Nauman would assert, are the cause of our climate […]

The Results Are In! (Probably?)

As anticipated, election “day” this year was not a day at all– it was five. After waiting for what felt like an eternity to many Americans, most major media outlets finally declared the projected winner of the 2020 election on Saturday: Joe Biden. Of course, Donald Trump has not accepted the results of the election […]

Seam Carving

One of my favorite kinds of assignments in Computer Science classes are the ones that I can show to people because they’re more visually appealing and understandable than just lines of code or a generic print out of a statement. We got an opportunity for this kind of assignment when we analyzed a photo to […]

Pancakes and playlists

As is true about every first week of every block at CC,  any time you have any interaction with anyone not in your class, they will 99% of the time ask you, “What class are you taking this block?” This week, when a lot of my non-computer science friends ask me, and I say “Data […]