The Final Pitch!

Following our return from Boston, the EC 348 innovation pals were on FIRE today as we delivered our final innovation pitches. To echo the sentiment of our very own Jordan Stern, all of our presentations were so flipping, tipping, whipping GOOD! Every single person’s presentation was so creative, thoughtful, and engaging to THE MAX! Plus, our presentation skills were so collectively on point! It was such an EXCITING affair! You could smell the  awesomeness in the air!

Our presentations ranged from Andrew’s proposal to eliminate microaggressions in the classroom using AI — to Gabe’s idea to incorporate innovation into the CC general education requirements — to Bryna’s idea to make Colorado Springs more innovative by refurbishing the Drake Power Plant into a start-up incubator and co-working space.


The good ideas just kept on flowin’! Solomon then proposed his idea to incentivize CC seniors to create collaborative and interdisciplinary thesis projects, and right afterward Rui pitched her idea for a summer leadership intensive to foster entrepreneurial empowerment among women in rural China.

I absolutely loved hearing about the wide range of topics in which my classmates are passionate, which made today (and the entire block) that much  more interesting! Furthermore, I could not have asked for better classmates or a more Dan-tastic professor! The culture of kindness, vulnerability, and laughter that the EC 348 Innovation Pals created over the last 3.5 weeks is something truly special and not to be forgotten! This has been my favorite class at CC!

Thank you so much for following our class journey! Farewell for now from the EC 348 Innovation Pals:

Ali (me!)’19, Bryna ’19, Gabe ’19, Amy ’19, Emily ’19, Ben ’21, Rui ’21, Risa ’19, Molly ’19, Solomon ’19, Johannes ’19, Andrew ’19, Annie ’19, Jordan ’19, Dandolva ’20, and Professor Danada Johnson!

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Hi, My name is Ali Baird and I am a senior economics major and REMS minor. I am a big fan of puppies, frosting cupcakes, and collecting stationary. I'm super pumped to be blogging for the BEST class ever, The Economics of Innovation, taught by Professor Dan Johnson!