Week 4

4/11-12/16 FIELD TRIP!!!     The “cloudmaker” bomb, at a chemical weapons storage facility in Pueblo, Colorado                   Due to poor weather, our original plans for the trip changed and we ended up visiting numerous sites around the front range. Bent’s Old Fort, in La Junta, Colorado. […]

Week 3

4/4/16 Today we started class with our second test, reviewing concepts from last week of land and rock disturbances.   Once finished, we had a discussion on the weekend’s reading: This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate, by Naomi Klein. Students discussed the selfish psychology of big business and asserted that since business is only […]

Week 1

During our first week of class we looked at the drivers for mass extinctions in the past and looked at current comparisons and differences. Some of the drivers of extinctions are highlighted in this class symposium website made by Ben Stillwell. Some of the drivers for mass extinction are: Bolide Impact Extreme Volcanism Climate Change   […]