Hi! My name is Julia Fennell. I transferred to Colorado College this year, and I love it! I am a political science major and I hope to go into law or public policy.

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Day Three!

We had another great day! Our first event of the day was a presentation by Frank Bi, a google trainer. He taught us how to maximize our efficiency with Google. I learned that if you google a word, and don’t want something to pop up, you can add “-the word,” and it won’t show up. He gave us the example of if you wanted to search for coffee, but did not want Starbucks, you could type “Coffee -Starbucks.” If you did this, the results would not include Starbucks. I thought this was really cool, and definitely helpful. We also learned about knowledge graphs, and that all countries have their own domain.

In the afternoon, we went to the Newseum. This is an incredible museum, and I wish we had more time at it. It has six floors, and is very interactive. I stayed on the first floor for over an hour! My favorite exhibit was on the Stonewall Riots and LGBTQ history.

 I am grateful for Jim Burke, the Director of Summer Session, and our professor, Corey Hutchins, for making this trip possible. I learned a lot in this course, especially on the trip.

I asked Jim how a trip like this is possible, and he explained that he had funds left over in his field trip budget, and talked to Corey about what kind of practicum-type trip we could take. Jim said that he wanted to capitalize on Colorado College faculty and alumni living in D.C. He wanted our experience to be more than just a tour. “If you are not applying the theory, it’s just a tour,” said Burke. 

“Leveraging our resources for the best reason… the student experience.” said Burke.

Go Tigers!

Day Two!

Hi Tigers!

We started off our day with breakfast at Catholic University, the dorm where we are staying. We then headed over to the New York Times and met with Thom Shanker, the assistant Washington editor for the New York Times. He answered our questions, described the inner workings at in his department and advised us on potential internships with the New York Times. He was generous with his time, and made sure that we had answers to every question we asked.

We had some extra time, so we walked over to the White House and then to the Washington Monument. Jamie Bechta, a rising senior, had never been to Washington, D.C., and was thrilled to see the White House.

“The White House was amazing to see in person!” said Bechta.

I was really excited about visiting the NPR headquarters. My parents and I love NPR, and I grew up listening to it almost every day.

The NPR building was incredible! After going through security, we were given a tour of the building, and got to meet with Scott Simon, Peter Breslow, Lulu Garcia-Navarro, and Dana Cronin, a Colorado College alumni. Everyone was super friendly, and gave us great advice, both for journalism and for life. Dana talked to us about how to pitch ideas, and how it’s not as scary as we might think. 

Lulu Garcia-Navarro was very articulate, and I really enjoyed listening to her. She talked to us about how important it is to talk to real people, not just the people that you would expect to hear from. She told us how journalism can sometimes be hard, because you might be talking to someone in their worst moment.

Peter Breslow sat down with us and went over our final projects. Corey, our professor, had put us into three groups, and we presented our projects to Peter. The assignment was to nationalize a local issue, and pitch the idea to Peter. The three pitches were about the bike lane controversy, a rumored-Manitou Springs cult, and the high rape rate in Colorado Springs. Peter offered us great advice, and encouraged us to reach out to new sources.

We had an alumni dinner at 801 Restaurant, where we got to meet former Colorado College students. I really enjoyed talking to Michael Meyer, a freelancing journalist. He talked to us about his work with podcasts, and how he valued his liberal arts education from Colorado College. I also got the chance to get to know Peter more. He’s taught at Colorado College before, and I hope to get the opportunity to take one of his classes in the future.

It was a great day, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

Day One!

Hi fellow Colorado College students!

We’ve arrived in D.C! We checked into our dorm at Catholic University and ate dinner at Busboys and Poets. We are currently brainstorming questions to ask the incredible men and women that we are meeting tomorrow! I’m very excited to meet Nick Wing former senior reporter for The Huffington Post. He focused on social inequality, which is something that I might want to pursue in the future. We are meeting with the New York Times tomorrow, as well as going to the NPR Headquarters, where we will present our final projects. My group is focusing on why the rape rate in Colorado Springs is disproportionate to other crimes in Colorado Springs. I am looking forward to the feedback that NPR will provide.

We are continuing the fun with a dinner with local Colorado College alumni in the journalism and news profession.