Strange Beauty and the End(?) of a Block

During fourth week, we finished writing our catalogue essays for the Strange Beauty exhibition—a project that we were working on for essentially the full block.  Writing the catalogue essay was a kind of cathartic exercise for me, the chance to articulate all the ideas, insights, and research of the last few weeks into a final […]

Luncheons, Exhibitions, and Reflections

As third week began, we turned our attention from the Baroque objects we’ve been getting to know intimately over the last couple weeks to the contemporary pieces featured in the Strange Beauty exhibition.  Researching current artists is surprisingly more difficult than those of the 17th century, as there is simply not the same vast quantity […]

The Excitement of a Field Trip

For the latter half of class Thursday, we went on a little excursion to the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, which is conveniently right across the street.  The purpose of this outing was to examine a couple of the temporary exhibitions at the FAC and begin thinking about the design of our own exhibition.  We discussed what […]

Opening Up the Discussion

One of the great things about having twelve people in a class is that everyone can get a chance to bounce their ideas off each other and get a fresh perspective when you’re just too deeply involved to see clearly.  Especially when trying to nail down a thesis, as we are now, an open environment […]

End of Week One

It’s only the end of first week, but it feels more like the end of the first month on the block plan.  Our class started out seven days ago with almost no previous knowledge of the subject, and now we are deep into the core issues of the Baroque period and the research on our […]

A New Block, a New Course, and a New Relationship

Art of the Baroque is the kind of class you only get a chance to take once.  Instead of the normal slide memorization and lengthy, essay-filled tests, we get the chance to combine art history and museum studies, making direct connections between the 17th century art we are exploring in class and the contemporary art […]