GS 554 — Classrooms in Motion: Digital Youth

Our discussion of S. Craig Watkins’s The Young & The Digital: What the Migration to Social-Network Sites, Games, and Anytime, Anywhere Media Means for Our Future spawned a number of thematic elements and questions for further discussion. Themes: The difference between technology as a pedagogical tool or an impressive classroom gimmick. Fear of teachers being […]

GS 554 — Constructing Youth

It’s day two of the summer Experienced Teacher Institute, “Coming of Age: The Culture and Literature of Youth in America.” Participants are reading and discussing selections from Huck’s Raft: A History of American Childhood by Steven Mintz. Mintz’s history of childhood in America presents and challenges the following five myths: The notion of childhood as […]

Crimean Subbotnik

In the early days of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin instituted Subbotniks, or Saturdays devoting to volunteering and furthering of the public good.  In that grand tradition, led by our fearless professors, we the students of Colorado College devoted this Monday afternoon to a Subbotnik worthy of the name.  (The name itself comes from the […]

Conquering Fortresses, Breaking Language Barriers, and Rocking Cafeteria Dance Parties

Crimea has been drawing vastly different groups of people to its beautiful shores for millennia.  A small peninsula jutting off the southern tip of Ukraine, Crimea sits at the top of the Black Sea.  Visitors to this beautiful area can still visit ruins left by Ancient Greek travelers and the vestiges of the Silk Road.  […]